Your worst nightmare has arrived. Say hello to Deadpool.

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So if you’re a fan of anything comic related, more specifically X-men, then the latest news from the guys behind the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series is gonna knock your superhero socks off. The “Merc with a Mouth,” otherwise known as Deadpool, has now officially entered the Ultimate Alliance 2 room.

And he’s packing some serious heat. But don’t sigh just yet, those of you who are thinking of pansy boy Ryan Reynolds, this will not be the Wolverine Origins film version. This will be the true-to-the-comics, bad ass, slayer son of a gun we all know and love. And like I said before, he’s got an arsenal to boot. And kick, and punch, and bite, and just beat the living hell out of you really.

At your menacing disposal you will have: swords, grenades, teleportation and, if the above image is any indication, a pair of Hail Mary lookin pistols that fire bullets bigger than Hankey oranges. I think that makes him one intimidating bastard no matter how you slice it. Well, I know one thing is for sure, choosing between the already mind-numbingly bad-ass characters available in the next iteration just got a whooooooole lot harder. And Me & Deadpool are locked, loaded and ready to kick some serious villian ass. Sorry, I’m a clichéd good guy. And we’re off…SWOOSH!

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Last Updated: May 21, 2009

  • I wonder if Deadpool knows he is in a video game… seeing as he is the only marvel comic character that knows he is in a comic.

  • WitWolfyZA

    I wonder if he knows he knows his displayed in 720P resolution?

  • Jabber

    You know he was in MUA1 right? And he had guns and swords and teleportation? Not that it isn’t cool, but it’s not exactly a new character. And that Ryan Reynolds is playing Deadpool in an upcoming movie? You knew that right? And that he didn’t like how he had to play him in Wolverine? And that he is authenticating the character in his comic book version in the new movie? Did you know all this before you wrote your article bashing him? Probably not. Game looks cool though. :ninja:

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