You’re going to need PS Plus for PS4 multiplayer

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Here’s something that Sony slipped in at their conference, hoping nobody would really notice. While Microsoft seems to be making its Xbox Live gold service a little more like PlayStation plus, Sony seems to be making its own service a little more like Xbox Live gold – and you’ll now need to pay money to play online multiplayer.

Sony said as much during it’s conference saying you’ll still be able to play single player, offline games without Plus. PS Plus members will be able to use online multiplayer, broadcast and spectate games, utilise cross-game voice chat, and have the ability to “seamlessly join a friend’s online game,” thanks to the paid for service.

ps4mpNormally, I’d launch in to a tirade about PlayStation fans will treat this as a minor thing, even though its the one big differentiator between PSN and Xbox Live – but honestly, I still think that PS Plus offers more value, even if the two services are closer aligned now than ever before. I get newer free games on My Ps3, Ps4 and Vita – all for the same monthly cost.

What do you think? Does the fact that you’ll need to pay to play your PS4 online sour things – or is PS plus just such great value that you’d be happy to pay it anyway?

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