We fix KFC’s Chizza in our first cooking video

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We have a bit of a running gag in the office. It all started when Darryn talked about making us his fantastic Mexican wraps, and he mentioned including baked beans in the recipe. Since then, we have concluded that Darryn has absolutely zero taste in food, while Geoff and I fall somewhere closer to the “food snob” end of the spectrum. It’s not to say that we don’t appreciate certain low-brow foods, but it still has to be considered food. Which is where the Chizza enters.

Announced by KFC, the Chizza is a pizza made with a fried chicken base. And the promo images for it are pretty glorious:

KFC Chizza

It’s actually not that far off from what already exists in the culinary world. It’s much like a chicken parmigiana (or parmesan) – breaded chicken breast topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella, parmesan or provolone cheese. This just goes the extra step of adding pineapple or pepperoni to make it into even more of a “pizza”. You could even imagine it as something of a Chicken Schnitzel pizza. So really, how bad could it be?

Well, apparently really really bad. Images started pouring into social media, and they are terrifying:

Instead, we thought we would try to fix the Chizza. If we used some high quality ingredients, surely we could replicate the experience at home. Of course the pineapple might cause issues for some, but we thought we’d press on and make something worth eating, and show you how you can make it, too. So, here’s what we did:

That honestly doesn’t look bad to me. Like I said, it’s sort of like a chicken parm, only with some extra fake cheese, that weird chicken ham and some pineapple. If we did a pepperoni one instead and dropped the fake cheese, I’d probably eat that. In fact, I’m sure I would eat that. Of course, Darryn would happily eat the Chizza as is, but he’s already addicted to KFC’s dunked wings, so that really isn’t saying much.

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What other fast food creations have terrified you while being strangely mesmerizing? We will do our utmost to recreate them. Or, don’t tell us what you want to see and we will continue to give the guys awful ideas and fear for what they create.

Last Updated: March 10, 2017

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  • Admiral Chief

    The clock in the background totally gives it away


    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      Take a guess what the bottle of coke in the background was for.

      • For the kids, cause your brandy is in a can xD

        • Alien Emperor Trevor


          • Also how did you two miss the opportunity to say “now bath the chicken in its unborn children”… nvm I think I know why… moving on

          • Admiral Chief


          • Yes. what the oxford dictionary said 🙂

          • Hold the fork..you mix coke zero with brandy? I’M APPALLED!

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            I’m watching my delicate figure. Besides, it all tastes the same.

  • miaau

    Yeah, yea, all good.

    BUT what is chicken ham? ham is a pork product, really.


  • HairyEwok

    Pineapples….. FFFFUUUUUUUU!

  • miaau

    Hmm, i could make something like this, off the top of my head (and cannot view youtube video now)

    Chicken breast coated in spice, egg and plain flour. (maybe even slice open and put some cheese in?)
    Cooked in oven (covered – moisture in chicke), then deep fried at high heat for just a few minutes at near cooked point
    Slice some bacon into little pieces (not bacon bits you woosy)
    Some goats milk feta and goats milk mozzeralla (allergies to milk in my family)
    Cook bacon pieces to within an inch of their lives (crispy)
    add most of the cheese to bacon
    IMMEDIATELY Put on chicken breast
    Wait a bit to cool and put on rest of cheese, with some rocket and basil.


    I would add mushrooms, but allergies say no. Maybe sliced Shiitake (from woolies) inside the chicken breast with some cheesy moisture?). Also, some cherrie tomatoes, sliced, with bacon?

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      That does sound good.

      • miaau

        It bloody well does. But Friday is Hamburger night, as a rule.

        Hmm. Woolies Burger patties are nice. OR we make our own out of Blou Wildesbeest or Gemsbok mince, whatever we have.

      • miaau

        But not a cheap and cheerful family meal……

        there is a reason our bloody grocery bill gets high sometimes.

  • Sub title should be Trevor face reveal !

    • Admiral Chief

      Trev’s AT tshirt is baws!

      • Indeed. Now I just need to recover from the scraping knife at 7:40 then watch the rest xD

        • Admiral Chief


  • HvR

    I see ye ol’ Trevor brought his own oven along on the Dromedaris

    • Admiral Chief


  • konfab
  • HvR


  • I could watch from 11 min over and over. Take that pineapple haters xD

  • Banana Jim’s Final Form!

    Who the hell is this Nana guy? Seriously he sounds like such a snot!

    • Oh he IS!

      • Banana Jim’s Final Form!

        You’re a snot!!!

  • Magoo

    How about a Big Mac for a challenge?

    I mean I don’t know how on earth you’re going to find all those cow guts and cartilage, never mind grinding up the bones or injecting the chlorine.

    And make sure to leave the lettuce in the sun for 2 days prior!

  • So let me get this straight.

    You dip the flesh of the mother in the remains of her unborn children?


  • Skyblue

    ROFL’ed hard at “Fucking Canadians…”

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