Debate: How soon is too soon for festive decorations to go up in stores?

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Listen, I’m a Grinch. I have close to zero festive spirit, and I despise all of that blasted, unerringly happy stuff that permeates just about everything at this time of year. Everything becomes lined with tinsel, plastic holly wreaths and fake snow, despite the fact that we’re in the Southern Hemisphere and Christmas-time is usually hotter than the devil’s rectum.

So yes, it irks me, when I see Christmas decorations going up in stores, usually because it seems like they’re just going up earlier and earlier every year. It’s getting to the point where there’s no real point in many retailers even bothering to take them down. I’m pretty sure this stuff starts going up mid-July.

That said, I have actually noticed that since Halloween’s started becoming more prevalent locally, retailers seem to be waiting until that’s over before plastering their stores with yuletide garbage.

Still, it seems like retailers are racing to make money with no real sense of timing, and it actively keeps me out of shops when I’m forced to listen to Bony M’s greatest hits when all I want is a loaf of bread and 2L of milk.

So when do you think is too soon for this stuff, or am I just a grump Grinch who should take his terrible attitude toward Christmas and Jingle all the way out of here?

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Last Updated: November 3, 2017

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Geoffrey Tim

Editor. I’m old, grumpy and more than just a little cynical. One day, I found myself in possession of a NES, and a copy of Super Mario Bros 3. It was that game that made me realise that games were more than just toys to idly while away time – they were capable of being masterpieces. I’m here now, looking for more of those masterpieces.

  • MonsterCheddar

    Anything before 1st December is way too fucking early.

    • Admiral Chief


  • PoisonedBelial

    There should never be any festive decorations any time because fuck festivities.

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    I managed to lose weight over Xmas last year by not putting up any decorations. I call it the bunting diet.

    • go away!

    • Gr8_Balls_o_Fire

      Fuck I have not laughed so hard in a long long time!

  • It’s always too soon. The end,.

    • MonsterCheddar


    • Admiral Chief

      In the end, it doesn’t even matter

    • miaau

      This is the end, beautiful friend
      This is the end, my only friend, the end
      Of our elaborate plans, the end
      Of everything that stands, the end
      No safety or surprise, the end
      I’ll never look into your eyes, again

      • Spathi

        Always makes me think of Apocalypse Now…haunting song!

        • miaau

          Indeed, very….

          Something to touch the soul, so to sing.

  • Skittle

    Decor – December
    Music – Never

    • Admiral Chief

      ^^^^^^^^^^ x9000000000000000

    • Matthew Holliday

      never is good.

      • Admiral Chief

        Pa rum pum pum pum

        • geel slang

          Thats not funny and irresponsible

    • MonsterCheddar

      HEAR HEAR.

      This guy knows whats up.

  • 2L of milk, pfft. you’re Asian

  • Umar

    As long as there’s festive specials, I don’t really care.

  • Yondaime

    I don’t even bother with any of this festive season stuff.

  • MonsterCheddar

    “Listen, I’m a Grinch. I have close to zero festive spirit, and I despise all of that blasted, unerringly happy stuff that permeates just about everything at this time of year.”

    Grouchy old fucker. @OddSockZA:disqus

    • Admiral Chief

      Sounds just like a certain kaaskop I know

      • MonsterCheddar

        I like Xmas. Me and wifey like to go big with the tree and the gifts.

        I hate the music and the assault on the shops though.

  • Dresden

    If it doesn’t affect my day to day life, then why should I hate on it?
    Sure, I can get why the music can irk some people, but other than that, I see nothing wrong with them starting to decorate early and so forth.

    With specials and certain food products being displayed more, I don’t see too much harm in it. I don’t have kids so that affects my opinion a bit, I guess.

  • miaau

    When I was 17 and 18 I worked Decembers at a big retail store in, at the time, the biggest mall in the southern hemisphere , Menlyn Mall in Pta.

    Yeah…. I would say… never, truly.

    It is not the decorations, or even the busy store times. It is the fact that they have only 3 CD;s to play and after a 12 hour shift, even ignoring the music, it reverberates in your skull as you close your eyes to sleep.

  • Skittle

    One day, when I’m a father, my children will wake up with no presents under the tree. They will look at me with tearful eyes “Papi, why are there no presents”, pain will cross my face as I reply “I’m sorry my children, I am a weak man, Game’s sonic weaponry defeated me yet again”. My children will never be able to experience a joyful Christmas morning.

  • VampyreSquirrel

    I’ve been seeing Xmas decorations since the beginning of October, possibly as far back as September. That’s too far back… start in November you bastids!

  • Gr8_Balls_o_Fire

    But then how will they convince all the stupid people to spend bonus money?

  • Admiral Chief

    Advice for parents. Put a lot of empty wrapped boxes under the tree. Every time your kids misbehave, throw one in the fire

    • Andre116

      Thats got to be the evilest thing I’ve ever read. I like it.

  • The 23rd and they should be removed the 26th. This is not up for debate!

  • Matthew Figueira

    I don’t mind if the decor goes up in like… mid-November. October though? SEPTEMBER??? GTFO!

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