Hit or Miss: How do you take your coffee?

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When I was younger, I used to have two options for how I take my coffee. I would either take it milk no sugar or sugar without milk. I know, I was weird. Then I went off to university and it was way easier to keep sugar in my house than fresh milk, so I ended up switching to black with sugar. To this day, I take my coffee black but with one sugar; this is particularly convenient as my husband takes his coffee the same way, so we can easily make each other coffee or even share in dire circumstances. That said, when I’m out at a restaurant, I will more likely get a cappuccino than a filter coffee.

I’ve always been a bit of a coffee snob, but it’s only gotten worse over the years. These days, I fresh grind my beans (preferably single origin Kenyan or Rwandan). I’ve gone through far too many French Press contraptions over the years and nothing was sturdy enough for the quantities of coffee we drink at home, so I’m now quite happy with my filter coffee machine.

From pod coffee to fresh ground to whatever that instant stuff is made out of, coffee is ubiquitous. But everyone seems to have their own views about what’s drinkable and how they like it. I know some of you will think sugar in coffee is just disgusting while others can only drink theirs with more milk and sugar than actual bean product.

How do YOU take your coffee, and what judgements do you make about how everyone else does it?

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