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Midweek Mouth-off: Music(als) to our ears

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Given the number of superhero, sci-fi and skop, skiet en donder films that receive news coverage (and fanboy love) at TheMovies.co.za, I think it’s a safe to say that musicals aren’t a popular genre in these here parts. Or are they…?

With Les Miserables currently filling seats in local cinemas, today we want to hear about your feelings towards song-and-dance films. Love them? Hate them? Do you have a fave? Let us know.

  • ElNicko

    theres only 2 that come to mind – Rocky Horror Picture Show and Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny

    • Def those two. But I’d also mention Grease and Blues Brothers.

  • I wouldn’t say the genre isn’t popular. There are a lot of films from recent years – Pitch Perfect, Happy Feet, High School Musical – as well as the success of stuff like Glee on TV. It’s not as big as in the Golden Age, but musicals certainly still fill seats.

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