Midweek Mouth-off: Your movie firsts

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Today we want to hear about your first movie experience. What was the first film you ever watched and/or really made an impression on you?  Can you remember your first ever cinema experience? Do you come from a family of movie buffs? We want to know what turned you into a film fanatic.

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Last Updated: September 19, 2012

Noelle Adams

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  • Grant Hancock

    First cinema experience? …I think it was (laughing as I write it) Beauty and the Beast 1991…my Gran took me after play school one-day 🙂 hehe

    Have to say the first film I really loved not just as a good, fun movie, but as a brilliantly executed film story-wise and for its acting and cinematography must be ‘The Professional’ … as a kid (saw it first around 1997/8) (who used to act on stage quite a bit) seeing Natalie Portman’s performance blew me away. … probably that film that made me (even though at young age) start judging films by other attributes other than special effects, and cheesy one-liners

  • My first cinema experience was Lady and the Tramp, I don’t remember it myself because I was only about two. However, my mom gleefully reminds me that I spent the majority of the movie crawling around on the floor looking for popcorn… Thanks mom, excellent parenting that.

    The first movie I do remember going to watch was Fantasia – and I only really remember one or two scenes from it.

  • I think the first film I went to watch at the Drive in was Agter Elke Man. But the movie that really kick-started my passion? Probably Jurassic Park.

  • Apparently the first movie my mom took me to see was Ghostbusters when I was 3, but the first I can remember seeing in the cinemas was Superman IV. Yep, my first cinema experience that I can remember was that turd fest.

    But the movie that holds special affinity for me though, is Stargate. Basically my mom took my brother and I to the cinema a lot when we were young. But then we moved, and my mom got a job that had her working away from home a lot. My dad was never much of a cinephile, so my cinemagoing pretty much ground to a halt for about 4 yrs, and we just had to be happy with waiting for movies to hit the local video store.

    Then in 1994, the son of one of my mom’s friends began to board with us, and one night, spur of the moment, he decided to go watch Stargate and asked me to tag along. We saw that movie 3 times over the next month, and my rekindled love for watching movies at the cinema has never waned since then.

  • I remember going to watch Free Willy and Congo at the cinema, and before that Aladdin and Lion King…or after that. Around there.

  • Wayne Bossenger

    at my first cinema experience I watched the lion king, and it was sad :'(

  • Darryn_Bonthuys

    The first movie that I can really remember seeing, when I was a wee lad? Easy. It was a hot summer night, outside the Despatch drive-in, as myself, my sister and my dad sat in the car to watch the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles flick.


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