Midweek Mouth-off: Your movie munchies

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It’s time to talk snacks…

When you hit the cinema are you a classic popcorn and Coke kinda guy or gal? Or have you upgraded to the more premium iced coffee and muffin combo? Do you smuggle in your own sweets and drink, disgusted at the thought of paying R15 at the concessions stand for a 500ml bottle of water? Do you go so far as to sneak in a burger or cooked meal leftovers? Or are you someone who prefers to concentrate on the screen without stuffing your face? Let us know.

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Last Updated: February 22, 2012

Noelle Adams

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  • I never understood the need to have snacks while watching a movie. I tend to want to be completely absorbed into the film, and there’s nothing more distracting that the crunch-crunch-crunch of popcorn.

    I also once had the displeasure of having a guy sit down in the row in front of me in the cinema, reach into the tog-bag he was carrying, and pull out a KFC Fully Loaded Boxmeal. You know how distracting it is, when the guy in front of you is licking some chicken bones clean?

    • Never mind the smell of the KFC, which has that awesome chicken smell overlaid with awful grease smell, pure torture at the best of times. 

      • I used to love KFC but my last few occasions have left me feeling physically ill

        • Ditto. Serious stomach ache after just a burger, never mind a Fully Loaded Box meal which, although I managed to finish it, made me wish I’d gone to the hospital

  • Ilden Webber

    I don’t buy drinks or sweets at the cinema, but I’ll get popcorn if I’m in the mood. The rest I’ll smuggle in. I enjoy my Smarties, but there’s no way in hell I’m paying cinema prices for that!

  • Noelle Adams

    I loves me my popcorn, made even better now with the Butter Salt option.

    I smuggle in my own water though, and maybe some M&Ms/Smarties if I’m not in the mood for popcorn but still want a treat.

    It’s rare for me not to have something to snack on when I’m in the cinema, actually. Particularly late at night, munching may keep me awake if I’m watching something mind-numbing like a Michael Bay movie – I nearly dozed off during the frikken hour long climactic battle of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Thank God for Tic-Tacs.

  • I don’t eat popcorn… ever. I know… I’m odd. Just hate spending 3 hours picking it out my teeth after eating on single popped kernel. 
    My movie snack is a large coke and M&Ms. Dead simple. Dead tasty.

  • OliverSchwarz

    In Germany my wife and I share popcorn (Salty. Sugar and popcorn don’t mix. Says the wife.) while she has beer and I enjoy my water. Sometimes we smuggle in candy bought from a kiosk in walking distance of the cinema. The popcorn is mostly gone after the ads and before the trailers.

    We won’t have popcorn in the Netherlands (too salty). But we’ll try any drink and/or candy we won’t get in Germany.

    • Noelle Adams

       Beer in the cinema? A very good reason why Germany rocks:)

      • Apparently they have that at Monte Casino as well

        • For all the EFC events, Nu Metro has well stocked bar available, and you’re allowed to take your drinks inside.

  • I’m a fan of a huge box of popcorn (Salt & Vinegar flavour) and a coke… the wife normally has whispers but I don’t see the point of mixing popcorn and chocolate.. 

    I haven’t snuck food into a cinema in a long time, the last time I did it was when the kids were tiny and we only fed them baby type food

  • I hadn’t been to the cinema in ages before last weekend, couldn’t believe how expensive it’s gotten for the snacks. Cost almost R80 for two medium popcorns & two medium cokes. Next time I go I’ll be smuggling drinks in, my handbag is like the Tardis. 
    Also, when I was young I used to love mixing popcorn and smarties together, bizarre combination I know but I enjoyed it. 

  • I’ll buy popcorn as I enjoy it, especially with all those flavours you can throw on. But if I want to go in to watch the movie and queue is long (as it inevitably is at Cavendish) then I see nothing wrong with going down to Mickey D’s and getting myself a Quarterpounder Meal. 

    Screw the cinemas. I want whatever is my choice to eat at the cinema. What are they gonna do? Arrest me?

    Of course, that all depends on who I’m going with as well. I’m not gonna be the only one chowing on burgers and fries 😀

  • I know of someone that walked into the cinema’s at Canal Walk with a full pizza. When the ushers tried to stop him, he just mean-mugged them into submission.

  • AndriyP

    I only smuggle booze thats all i need

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