Force Unleashed Reviews are coming in

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I see this morning that all the Force Unleashed reviews are coming in and it isn’t looking fantastic.

At the time of writing the Metacritic average for the 360 version was 72 while the PS3 version was 67. That is very low for such a highly anticipated game.

I found the Gametrailers review to be one of the easier reviews to follow and what I did find is that the final score seems to be a lot lower than expected. The game sounds like a lot of fun and if it is just being marked down for clipping issues then I think people are being a little harsh.

They are pushing new boundaries with the physics engine and should be given a bit of a break on that one.

Hopefully we will have our ‘superior’ review out soon enough.

Last Updated: September 16, 2008

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Gavin Mannion

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  • janrik

    Gametrailers video review. Really nice one. They give it a 6.9

  • 😕 That’s the same one that I embedded up there?

    But I agree with you.. it’s a nice review 😛

  • janrik

    MMM, my browsers do not do embedded well….

    But ja. Nice review 🙂

  • Banana hammock

    The demo wasn’t bad, some interesting things but some it felt a bit clunky.

    I predicted a 7.5 for this. If you’re a Star Wars fan at least the story should be enough to block out any *small* techincal problems.

  • Very odd which browser are you using?
    I test these with Firefox, IE and Chrome..

    You’re going to say Safari aren’t you 🙁

  • DarkOcean

    Well I dissagree with all the reviews LOL I know Im biased but Im loving the game and thats what counts in my world LMAO.

  • Rap7a

    Problem with TFU:

    Everyone wanted another Jedi Knight game 🙁

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