Gametrailers InFamous Review – Any Difference?

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We recently posted up IGN’s exclusive review of InFamous, and it would be an understatement to say that they really liked it.

Now, as pointed out by one of our readers, IGN’s Greg Miller is indeed known to be quite biased towards the PS3, in fact, he is quite happy to outright say it most of the time. So to level things out and give everyone a better perspective, I have decided to post up the recently released Gametrailers review.

Gametrailers has been accused of being pro Xbox 360 way too many times to count, so I though it would be interesting to see what they thought of the new PS3 Exclusive. Can you guess how the review went?

[Ed:Update] The inFamous demo is now available to download on the PSN store so if you are even a little unsure you can try before you buy.

Last Updated: May 22, 2009

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  • Ruslan

    Eurogamer reviews tend to be spot on and at the same time quite controversial. Sure they gave it 7/10 which folks cry foul and accuse them of Xbox 360 bias. I am only getting inFamous for the Uncharted 2 beta access, same way I got Crackdown for Halo 3. And somehow I enjoyed Crackdown so perhaps the same thing will happen with inFamous? :happy:

  • Played the demo last night and I thought it was fantastic.

    It is definitely a must-buy, though I’ll wait the obligatory two months for that R799 pricetag to become R599.

  • Flameboy

    1.2GB?!! They can keep their demo. :wassat:

  • easy

    thats about normal for a demo

  • ocelot

    So LG is wrong again. Looks like this game is not a flop.

  • Absolutely, I was saying to Nick on Friday that this game looks absolutely fantastic. Like an electrified Crackdown which is one of my all time favourite titles.

    I cannot wait to get my hands on this

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