The Famous Kane & Lynch Video Review

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Apparently Gerstmann was fired due to his tone in the video review…

Well the review was pulled quite quickly by Gamestop but not quick enough to stop it being uploaded to YouTube…

So what does he do so wrong? I’m not sure, he slates the game and you can see he obviously thinks it sucks… but I myself don’t see anything inherently wrong with what he did…

Last Updated: December 4, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • doobiwan

    I haven’t seen any of his other reviews, but I found him extremely negative, he hardly says a single positive thing about the game. Which would be one thing if he scored it a 2-3/10, but he gave it a 6, and metacritic has it around 70.

  • I have to agree with doobiwan, he doesn’t like the game and he let’s you know it. it’s not professional. especially for a well established company.

    he has very valid points I just feel he brought them across the wrong way and it could’ve been dealt with better.

    However I don’t think it’s something worth firing someone over. at the very least he should’ve put up a formal apology

  • I loved the review because it shows more about what a conservative dickhead the reviewer is than how bad the game is. I agree that it would have been appropriate for a 1 or 2 rated game, not a 6. With a 6 you want to be emphasizing some of the good stuff.

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