Will GTA V be more fun than Saint’s Row IV?

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We’ve been pretty excited for Saint’s Row IV,especially since getting some hands-on time with the frankly ludicrous open-world sandbox superhero game at E3. It’ll be out next week, just a month before the eagerly anticipated sequel to the game that inspired Saint’s row in the first place; Grand Theft Auto.

Reviews for Saint’s Row have hit – and it sounds like the game is everything you’ve ever wanted in a sandbox title, and more. while not every review has been glowing, those that have say it’s really quite excellent – and quite possibly the very best sandbox game.

  • Joystiq: 5/5 – I was worried that Saints Row 4 would never be able to live up to Saints Row: The Third, that its status as an expansion-turned-full-game would translate to a sloppy experience built on filler and same-y gameplay. Thankfully, Volition’s skill for building a living world, lovable characters and ingenious gameplay is as sharply honed as ever. Be it in Steelport, a computer-generated simulation thereof or the very depths of outer space, the Saints rule everywhere.
  • Polygon: 9 – In almost every moment, Saints Row 4 feels like playing a cheesy superhero movie. Tied together by parody and pastiche, the whole world is just an excuse to throw gameplay variety at the player, and I felt like an over-powered badass throughout. It’s not sophisticated or subtle, nor does it want to be. And the game’s open stance on character customization and gender let me play the way I wanted to. Saints Row IV made me feel superhuman – and that’s what this kind of game is all about.
  • Destructoid: 9.5 – It is with a bittersweet heart, then, that I declare Saints Row IV perhaps one of the best open world sandbox games you could ever hope to play, and practically a culmination of everything the genre’s worked toward this generation.  Is that an exaggerated, hyperbolic, perhaps even pompous statement? Maybe so … but does a series like Saints Row deserve anything less?
  • Gamefront: 93 – Midway through the game, one characters asks The Boss “you’re easily bored, aren’t you?”, to which the boss says “I don’t know, I’m too busy being awesome to notice.” Saints Row IV is all at once puerile, profane and touching, but mainly, it’s too busy being awesome for you to ever get bored.
  • PC Gamer: 90 – Saints Row was born of Grand Theft Auto, but although both feature open cities and freeform violence, they’ve diverged. Grand Theft Auto is desperate to be a film, to be satire, to be an experience. Saints Row IV wants to be a game, and by showing its heartfelt love for the medium, it’s become something wonderful.
  • Armchair Empire: 10/10 – There’s some uneven bits but Saints Row IV captures what video games should be or at least strive to be: Fun.
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These are, of course, some of the top end scores; Saint’s Row is not a thing for everyone – and sites like IGN have scored it considerably lower. Saint’s Row IV is currently sitting with a respectable 86%  on Metacritic (PC).

While I have no doubt that GTA V will be a technically better game – will it be anywhere near as fun to play as Saint’s Row IV? Personally, I’ll be getting both. 

Saint’s Row IV is out next week on PC, Ps3 and Xbox 360. GTA V will be out in September, for just the consoles.

Last Updated: August 15, 2013

Geoffrey Tim

Editor. I’m old, grumpy and more than just a little cynical. One day, I found myself in possession of a NES, and a copy of Super Mario Bros 3. It was that game that made me realise that games were more than just toys to idly while away time – they were capable of being masterpieces. I’m here now, looking for more of those masterpieces.

  • ElimiNathan

    Yes, lol jokes, who knows ? I will NEVER know because Saints Row just doesn’t sound like my cuppa tea. GTA all the way

    • Kromas

      SR never sounded like a fun game to me. Then I got it with the deep silver humble bundle and it blew my mind. I still don’t like GTA though 😛

      • ElimiNathan

        Oh you DONT like GTA ? 🙂 That’s where the difference comes *Zuma voice*

        • TiMsTeR1033

          At least I agree with you. Gta games will always have the polish that only Rockstar games give. People who say they dont like Gta are well strange and prefer dildos and super powers and all that while Gta games are trying to become like real life with more fun. What you would do in the real world if you could. Thats why Gta will always be better than SR.

          • ElimiNathan

            Dude……Nail on the head, nail on the freakin head!

          • ElimiNathan

            Dude……Nail on the head, nail on the freakin head!

          • Dakan45

            Ill bite.

            Gta iv has an ugly imigrant, you had to do borring dialogue based date missions that you get drunk and throw darts, the story goes nowhere, there is no epic missions or anything releative intresting or diffirent, just more crappy cover based missions and dates.

            Saints row allows you to create your own character with voice you want, finalyl i played as a russian femlae assasin with tomb raider clothers and anime hair. It has lasers, it has high speed chases, it has tanks and jets, it has aliens and mechs, it has 2d missions.

            Its missions are varied and interesting, gta stopped being fun with san andreas, so if they took gta v and give it max payne 3 shootng mehcanics and movie based missions, it will STILL not have saints row iv craziness.

          • maurid

            Exactly, GTA…….. IV.

            GTA 4 was always said to be one of if not the weakest title in the series (the “exception”, so to speak). The storyline was just too dull, the enviroment was always sort of negative, a rainy Liberty City, Niko’s poor english that made you just want to stick a screwdriver in your ears. Had it not been for the (at the time) amazing graphics and the unbelievably realistic Euphoria engine, and the addictive MP of course, I probably wouldn’t have finished the game.

            However, I COMPLETELY and ABSOLUTELY dissagree on GTA being “boring” or monotone. While I’m not calling YOU immature (nor GTA players “mature”), it seems like SR appeals to a younger, less serious audience, while GTA is aimed at people who want a more realistic and action-packed experience.

            We like having girlfriends to take care of (even if it’s just a game, LOL), we like using real guns, interacting with AIs like regular people would, we enjoy movie-like missions and storylines. So bottomline, although they look alike, they’re different games, made for different people. We choose the one we like the most.

          • Brian Murphy

            GTAIV followed the exact same pattern of all GTA games on new engines, period. Everyone expected a Vice City/San Andreas style affair, and conveniently forgot that Vice City was the 2nd game on that engine, and San Andreas was the 3rd.

            GTAIV was the first installation on the new RAGE (Rockstar Game Engine) engine, and as such, was paired down from San Andreas and Vice City. Now that Both GTAIV and RDR have released on the new engine, it’s been tweaked and played with for long enough that they can now expand the series to heights at, near or above Vice City.

            People are so dense sometimes.

          • Dakan45

            ” it seems like SR appeals to a younger, less serious audience,”

            No saints row appeals to people who do not have fun by driving around and hearing a fat prick talking and stoping at the bridger checkpoints to pay the toll so they can finally get to a godamn building that will meet a dumb steroid junkie and play a pointless cutscene.

            It has nothing to do with how old you are. Saints row iv for example has, mechs, super powers, space battles, an epic and riddiculus campaign, what does gta v has? Well same gameplay, with cover based combat and driving with gansters and robberies but hey they added slow mo now and the missions are based on movies so they are not so damn borring but more epic and hey this time around they gave you 3 characters so you wont be annoying you are stuck with an awful one, yet saints row lets you make your own.

            “We like having girlfriends to take care”

            I have better friends and girlfirends than gta iv and i look better than niko, yet i bought a SANDBOX game to pick a chopper and fire rockets and if i want to do something dumb as shoot a cop with a taser, I CAN. I can just have fun, i dont want to play a reallistic open world game. If i wanted to do that id play watchdogs.

            “we like using real guns,”

            None of the guns in gta games are acting like real guns, all of them are weak and you can carry multiple of them.

            Just play watchdogs if you want reallistic shooting, gta shooting mechanics are arcadish adding recoil on san andreas was meh and the cover system in gta iv did not hold a candle to other cover based shooters.

            But having max payne 3 shooting mechanics in a gta game is gonna be great, still no shootdodges.

            “we enjoy movie-like missions and storylines.”

            And i agree, thats why i enjoyed gta vice city and san andreas, gta iv however was a freaking borefest. HORRIBLE borring repettive missions with too much blah blah and less interesting missions.

          • Nate dog

            And your reply expresses his theory that you don’t have a mature approach to the fact they are different games. I have both saints row and gta and i couldn’t say saints row is better. If saint row had online multiplayer like gta it could be close but it doesent. And if you had watched the gameplay for gta 5 it would explain exactly why saint row released ther game first. This is because gta 5 will be almost as customisable but with animals and sea life an diving and actual good driving and flying mechanics to the game and soooo much better graphics. I love saints row i own everyone but to say its better than gta is a joke

          • Dakan45

            “And your reply expresses his theory that you don’t have a mature approach to the fact they are different games.”

            The first moron said

            “People who say they dont like Gta are well strange and prefer dildos and
            super powers and all that while Gta games are trying to become like
            real life with more fun. What you would do in the real world if you
            could. Thats why Gta will always be better than SR.” Also said that peple who dont like gta are idiots.

            The second moron said something similar in another aticle, i wont bother looking it up.

            If there is anyone who doesnt want to compare them, thats me, but the gta fanboys wont shut up about it.

            I am playing sains row iv and i can qurantee taht gta will never EVER EVER be as much fun.

            Super powers, tons of activities, aliens, star wars, star trek, zombies, every mission is a parody of something, meme reffrences, etc etc etc etc

            Customization you say? Every gun in saints row iv is customizable and there are tons of clothes that actually matter. Right now i look like boba fett with dual blasters to boot, a while ago i was dressed up like Alexe from prototype and run on buildings and glide.

            Gta cant touch this.

            Sea life and animals you say I can run faster than the speed of light in saints row iv, enjoy stuck in traffic.


            WHAAAAT? GTa iv had trash driving mechanics and there was nothing to use helicopters for. Saints row has jet fights and space battles.

            Better graphics? Perhaps on consoles, but on pc, not so much.

            “But to say its better than gta is a joke”

            See you doing it too. Sorry but saits row is better than gta iv in every possible way.

            GTAIV was the “joke” why the freaking hell you enjoyed that borring piece of trash with crappy controls and lower framerate is beyond me.

          • Aussious

            I hear what you are saying but I think everyone is missing the point, the reason Rockstar games are so legendary is because of the fun factor associated with them and their open world, Voliton has adopted a similiar matra and taken things back to the crazier early days of GTA 3 and Vice City with the whole cartoonish feel to the art style and a focus on open world game-play. Games are meant to be fun regardless the subject matter or setting.

          • Blair

            Exactly, i couldnt agree more. but i prefer GTA, story line is a bit better than saints because its focused more on

          • egegeg

            well, you’re wrong because Saints Row 2 (yes, 2) was better than GTA IV. GTA IV wasn’t a game, it was a boring film about a stupid Russian bloke. Too much realism = less fun, and GTA IV had no fun activities. San Andreas was so amazing, and then they ruined it with IV.

          • orre

            Your arguments holds no ground in reality, because you have obviously not played GTA IV. How do I know that? Well, first of all, Niko Bellic is not russian, he is serbian. Also, GTA IV does not have too much realism. How can you even say that? Can you please explain this further? It did have realism, but in stuff which required it.

            GTA IV was overall a better game than SA, because it improved the franchise on almost every level. The only thing thats better in SA is the fact that they have a larger map and a bit more content, but otherwise than that, GTA IV is way better.

            And you say that GTA IV didn’t have any fun activities? But you know what? Saints Row might have had a shitload of activities, but all of them gets boring after a minute or two. Whats the point in having a bunch of half-assed activities?

            You SR fanboys are seriously some of the most retarded fanboys out there. You bash GTA with nonsense arguments which are completely based off on prejudice. It feels like you’re bashing on a game which you haven’t even played. And yes, I’ve played every SR game except for SR4. SR1 was mediocre, SR2 was alright and SR3 was horrible and SR4 looks even more horrible, I can’t understand how it could’ve scored this high. It totally blew my mind.

      • TiMsTeR1033

        Not liking GTA 5 though is like you dont like great games period.

        • Wtf101

          Statements like these are always quite curious to me. Whilst I am not saying GTA 5 will not be a good game, what makes you so certain it will be a great game, seeing as the release of this is still a ways off

          • TiMsTeR1033

            When the game comes out and gets amazing reviews and its sold out and people going mental over then you will see, and Sr4 just wont cut it. And if it isnt You can say i told you so a million times every day I dont care, one thing Rockstar does better than any company is make GREAT games. if it wasnt for Gta, Saints row wouldnt exist. Games like Max payne 3 and Red dead redemption and La noire were Great games. And like Someone said SR4 your now the president the “king” with all these powers, where to from there? They gonna run out of funny ideas and crazy things to do just like they did with movies like Jackass. Simply put you can only be silly and crazy for so long.

          • Dakan45

            SUREEEE both max payne 3 and gta iv got insanelly high reviews but they were average games with polish.

            Gta sells justl ike cod and fifa sell, but max payne 3 did not sell well.

            Seems to me gta reviews are simply paid and people are just tools

            Red dead redemption was made by a diffirent studio, if you like western, then its great, it was better than gta iv anyway. La noire was not even made by rockstar, just published, but i forgot the typical rockstar fanboys who love gta dont know that. It was a trash game, it was a interactive REPETITIVE movie rather a “game”,

            “hey gonna run out of funny ideas and crazy things to do”

            Has not rockstar run out of ideas since 2008?

            Saints row iv hs mechs, 2d adventure, mass effect romance (yes they bash mass effect) aliens, space battles, memes, lasers, super powers, i dont think they can go any further but they can definetly put more funny stuff in it like the eagle jet and MERICA weapon.

            That is FUN, boregta is not.

          • TiMsTeR1033

            Dude Rockstar hasnt run out of ideas, but sadly Saints row after 4 just might.

            They have mechs and 2d adventure and mass effect rip off and space battles lasers and super powers and how much more are they gonna add till the Saints row series runs outt stuff. Oh mechs we added that before crap, dildos oh yeah crap, um lets do aliens um crap.

            Sure Gta 4 wasnt a perfect game by any standards but it was a good game, yes had some issues but look at saints row 2 that has so many I traded the game in. crappy car handling, no polish to the game at all.

            Gta 5 will wipe its ass with SR3 and 4 put together and enjoy taking a shit on its head one more time. Gta 4 was a stepping stone to make gta 5 possible and trust me that game will be the best of the current gen consoles by a long shot. Just look at Gta online to see what i mean and thats just the mulitplayer whats the single player gonna be like.

            You wanna bad mouth Gta fine, Ill say this yes Saints row are Fun but yet again would they even exist if not for gta so lets not forget that mmmkay.

          • Dakan45

            ” how much more are they gonna add till the Saints row series runs outt stuff.”

            Yes i wonder how much ARE they going to add? They seem to come up with new things due to the fact they are not bound by anything, so no i dont think they will run out of ideas anytime soon.

            Dinosaurs for example.

            And yes rockstar is out of ideas compared to vice city and san andreas missions, even the psp games…. gta iv and max payne 3 were borefests.

            “Sure Gta 4 wasnt a perfect game by any standards but it was a good game,”

            Id argue it was average due to borring missions and bad cover system, but saints row 3 was a great game, maybe not on par with saints row 2 but still a great game.

            ” crappy car handling, no polish to the game at all.

            On the other hand gta iv GARBAGE driving mechaincs with brakes that hardly even work was fine eh? What polish you reffer to? Maybe it seemed polished on consoles but it still run at a horrible framerate and as for the pc version? It was an unpolished piece of trash.

            “Gta 5 will wipe its ass with SR3 and 4 put together and enjoy taking a shit on its head one more time.”

            With that kind of trashtalking its now clear.

            Gta is designed for typical teenagers who want their games to be REALLISTIC and think that games have to immitate reallity in order to be “fun” and having a game that is riddiculus is “stupid” or “Gay” because the game doesnt take itself serious.

            I do hope you grow up kid.

            “Just look at Gta online to see what i mean and thats just the mulitplayer whats the single player gonna be like.”

            Further proving you kids are STUPID, thats a carefull constracted hype video showcasing gameplay in a cinematic way to put into a trailer to make you think the multiplayer will play like a epic singleplayer campaign which it will NOT. But people are too stupid to figure that out.

            “but yet again would they even exist if not for gta”

            Thats like saying assasin creed wouldnt exist without gta and cod would not exist because of quake.

            Get real.

          • TiMsTeR1033

            Woah man, Firstly I am not a kid I Somehow Doubt that at 26 i am considered a kid.

            I dont know why you see the need to go into each of my lines and point out how “wrong” I am.

            All I ever said was Saints Row will never be as good as Gta, The writing is all on the walls. You go on and on and on like a broken bloody record about Gta4 and Niko and his accent and dates and stuff… Rockstar made a few mistakes and now they fixed it with Gta 5, just like Saints row 1 and 2 were no were near level of polish what you would expect, I mean they were xbox 360 games or ps3 games and looked like ps2, car physics were shit why coz there was none to be found.

            Sure Saints Row 3 was a great game from what I have been told but just check out the review from ign about saints row 4. They already recycling content and making you feel like your in god mode. No challenge just to be a god whats the flipping point. See for your self http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/08/14/saints-row-iv-review

            What I loved most about your childish rank was this:

            “but yet again would they even exist if not for gta”

            Thats like saying assasin creed wouldnt exist without gta and cod would not exist because of quake.

            How on earth is COD related to Quake in anyway??? Did it copy it, Is Assains creed like Gta no its bloody not you freaking idiot!

            And to get real Ill hit you right back with I am real, I play big boy games where you dont play with Dildos and run around naked and be flipping superman killing ailens.

          • Dakan45

            “Rockstar made a few mistakes and now they fixed it with Gta 5,”

            “just like Saints row 1 and 2 were no were near level of polish”

            Actually saints row 3 new engine and polish left the game underdeveleloped and lacking on content. SO WHAT if the graphics are not that good, gameplay is.

            You might wanna check ps2 games. They looked much better.

            “just check out the review from ign about saints row 4”

            Ironicly both ign and gamespot are paid off sites and everyone esle is giving high reviews.

            “They already recycling content and making you feel like your in god mode”

            So when saints row 2 took place in the same city as the first, that was not a problem? So when saints row 3 was easy as hell, that was not a problem?

            Seem to me game journalism is filled with pretentious morons or clueless reviewers.

            How was gta iv hard anyway? Cover system to avoid the bullets, you positioned the crosshair on a character head, and hold down the fire button.

            The driving was hard, but since cops and everyone else moved like turtles, it was easy.

            The game essentialy got rid of complex or hard missions in order to work with its “Reallistic” theme and the challenge was to press brake while in the car to avoid crashing and move the crosshair with the thumbsticks while aiming.

            “How on earth is COD related to Quake in anyway??? Did it copy it, Is
            Assains creed like Gta no its bloody not you freaking idiot!”

            I dont know if you are braindamaged but you pretty much contradictiing youtrself here.

            Have fun playing “big boy games” by going around and throwing darts, getting drunk and doing the same repettive driving missions with borring characters and the same crappy combat, ill have fun with spacebattles, mechs, humor, aliens, superpowers and weird weapons the campaign will NEVER get old, on the other hand take away the good missions and gta v is basicly as generic version of the multiplayer grinding.

          • TiMsTeR1033

            I give up argueing with you man. everyone is entitled to their own views on games. I hope you enjoy playing Saints row or Gta if you choose to. Because this can go on for ever.

          • Dakan45

            and you are not entitled to your views?

            “Not liking GTA 5 though is like you dont like great games period.”

            So you essentially saying everyone who doesnt like gta is an idiot.

          • maurid

            Agree with @timster1033:disqus, LET’S NOT FORGET WHERE WE CAME FROM, ALRIGHT KIDDO?

            And anyone who has a blast playing with aliens and plasma guns and running naked on the streets while holding a huge dildo, AND says GTA is simply “boring”, is clearly -you guessed it- A KID!

            I had my fun back in the day with Saints Row and Saints Row 2, but then I grew up, and started craving for more realistic games, games I could (technically) relate more to, and BAM! I found GTA.

            So let me tell you and all the other infants that if you find a Grand Theft Auto game “boring”, then:
            A. You’re too young.
            B. You’re Ned Flander’s kid.
            C. You’re sense of humor is that of a 3 year-old.

          • Dakan45

            I think you people are freaking stupid.

            Duke nukem was like that in the 90s, did kids buy the game? Nope, so please dont give that crap.

            Whoever wants to play as a boring immigrant and do date missions is both a kid and a borring moron.

            Gta3, vicet city, san andreas even liberty city stories, all had better missions and a better main character, gta iv did not.

            “You’re sense of humor is that of a 3 year-old.”

            Funnilly enough most of you saw a dildo and said “ohh this game is stupid” Completly dismissed the funny narrative. Gta iv has a space race and play “what is love” while flying around, apparently thats immature humor.

            Go back to gta iv and have FUN, falling into objects drunk and hearing niko’s horrible accent, that is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun.


            Grow up, people who wnat that much realism are dumb kids,thinking games got to simulate a life they dont have rather actually BEING FUN.

            So please kindly jump of a bridge you moronic teenager

          • BergBerg

            Dakan45 stop trolling both are hella fun games i love saints row and GTA saints row is crazy fun and GTA is down to earth fun its like comparing COD to BF3 they are two diff games whats next you gonna compare them all to just cause 2 lol btw i loved all sandbox games are good cause they give you freedom

          • Dakan45

            “its like comparing COD to BF3”

            Guess what, while i agree its day to night, everyone compares them, so can please the gta fanboys shut the hell up about gta v and sainy saints row is a game for little kids?

            That will be great.

          • Brian Murphy

            This is literally what you remind me of Dakan:

            Insert Saints Row 4 every time he says Britney, that’s you.

          • Dakan45

            and here is you

            Cant believe i wasted my time waiting for the comments to load t o see wtf you wanted

          • Aussious

            Lol I seriously doubt that GTA’s subject matter can be taken seriously enough for it classify as a much more “mature game.” Its all satire both GTA and Saints… Funny you mention the first two Saints games because they where almost identical to Earlier GTA games so I fail to understand as to how playing GTA makes you a more mature gamer.

          • geegege

            GTA IV got amazing reviews, and that’s just because it was a GTA game. If it was released under another name like “Russian Thug Life” it would get mediocre 6-7/10 reviews. GTA V does look good, but to say it’s great before it comes out just shows how nobody should take your opinions seriously.

          • TiMsTeR1033

            Im sorry if you think that my opinions shouldnt be taken seriously, And I admit your right if it wasnt called Gta it prob wouldnt be so highly rated..

            But just hear me out. No Game is perfect, Gta4 had its issues and so did Saints row 1 and 2 and even 3 and 4 I am sure. I Never once said they bad games. Just to me they cant be called better than Gta, most games are trying to be on the level that is gta. Sure gta4 got it rong with dates and lack of fun in sad attempts to go bowling ect. But at the time it was really great and sure the fun wore off fast but for a gta game to have those things was a huge achievement. Some people say the physics in driving were crap I thought they were great….Anyway I can list and argue with people about how I think Gta is better than Saints Row games but at the end of the day, I have been waiting for Gta5 for a LONG time and sure others have been too, Is it soo wrong to just be hopeful that it was be great and not because of the GTA name but because Rockstar had put the level of effort making it a truely Great game?

  • Jafricaman

    Ill answer this one my way.
    Ill play both, and enjoy both.

    • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

      Like a boss!

  • Hammersteyn

    I think my grandmas pension pays in next week. Time for a visit.

    • Wtf101

      You were born for this game!

    • LordCaptainAwesomeness

      Comment of the week…

    • Umar Kiiroi Senk?

      LOL Comment of zee week!

      PayDay 3 : Grandma’s Pension

    • Sargon

      Lol. Grandmothers everywhere, hide thy swag!

    • TiMsTeR1033

      thats sick man. ouma wil jou moer!

    • Martin du preez


  • Uberutang

    Saints row took the idea of GTA and added lsd and acid to it. 1 was a poor mans GTA. 2 Was a decent clone. 3 Was batshit awesome and I cannot wait for my SR4 to preload all ready!

    • ElNicko

      uuuummmm , wouldnt you rather add a dose of Psilocybin , instead of 2 doses of Acid/LSD (being the same thing) ??

      • Uberutang

        What ever floats the purple unicorns man

        • ElNicko

          though depends on your taste , whether you like liquid or blotter paper.

          • Vampyre Squirrel

            Sounds like @uberutang:disqus has found himself a dealer…. 😛

          • ElNicko

            prefer the term ‘Salesman” thank you very much…..

          • Vampyre Squirrel

            My apologies Salesman ElNicko.

          • ElNicko

            hahahaha – Anymore ‘Customers’ ??

          • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

            Hahaha getting awesome Breaking Bad vibes from this thread

          • ElNicko

            now now Jim , theres lots to go around…….afterall , sharing is caring

    • Dakan45

      Agreed stop winning about gansters, saints row iv has EVERYTHIGN in it, i just dont need to buy infamous or prototype 3, they are in saints row, i dont need mechs or space battles, saints row have em, saints row has alot of funny crap.

      Gta v will be a good game, but it will get 10/10 paid reviews and high sales for being another gta without necessary doing any benchmarks for open world.

    • Aussious

      Well said…

  • Wtf101

    GTA sounds awesome. But GTA IV felt like too many games out there: it is trying to be “realistic” in all the wrong places. It was an awesome tech demo but as a game fell flat. And I am just mentioning the retail price of GTA IV to say I felt like I did not get value for muh money…
    Saints Row as I have said a billion times before to anyone that cares to listen, knows what it is: A video GAME. Meant to be fun, over the top and pants wettingly funny.
    My money is going to the Saints this payday. GTA V maybe in a year or so…

    • LordCaptainAwesomeness

      Agree fully. SR is getting some love this payday, then FFX HD

    • TiMsTeR1033

      whats wrong with Realism? Do you not like real life or are you happy with over the top mindless violence and vulgar and crazy stuff in a game. Then again I guess the answer will be yes you do like that stuff. Maybe ill change my mind toward Saints row when I get Saints row 3 sometime.

      • Wtf101

        I face enough realism in real life to not want it in my video games/movies. What is wrong with the idea of making a game something to have fun with? To get home after a hard days work, switch on a PC/Console and do the awesome stuff I want to do but due to a lack of radioactive spiders, real life consequences (cops arresting me after running over 4 gang members with an Ice Cream truck I hijacked just down the street)
        I cannot do. That is what I am talking about.
        Do I really care that I can see a lightbulb on the other end of the map then fly to that light bulb and admire it’s shiny glowiness in game?
        No. Because I have a real fucking streetlight right outside my house, that’s why.
        When I play games, I want to be Batman, I want to be the president saving the world from alien invaders, whilst my homies backing me up are a bunch of Penthouse models, because in my little mind, that is how I would love to roll in real life.

        • TiMsTeR1033

          Well Each to their own, But I respect what your saying. You want the fun…

      • Dakan45

        Lets see am i a ugly loser imigrant that goes around with a fat prick of a cousin and a steroid moron? Do i get into repettive borring drunk dates with skunks and have angry borring gunfights behind cover?

        No i am playing FUN games, so my life is better than Niko’s life. THAT is not reallism. Gta v has slow mo, they did NOT do that becuase its “Reallistic” nor are the “movie inspired” missions there becuase they are “reallistic” but becasue they want to make the game FUN.

        Something bore gta iv was NOT.

    • Dakan45

      Exactly, why would i want repettive date missions? I want fun and good missions, not beinga loser imigrant in ny.

  • VinTaco

    I think its a moot point. They are (or will be) for different reasons.

    Saints Row is frankly insane and carved its own identity after being GTA San Andreas 2.

    I know I may be in the minority but I found GTA4’s narrative really compelling. Thoroughly enjoyed most of it. Saints Row the Third didn’t have the same ‘pull’ for me, despite enjoying it.

    • ElNicko

      ^^This !!

    • TiMsTeR1033

      thank you! atleast I am not alone in this world who prefer Gta

  • Melasco

    I never got into Saints Row, but I think the next Infamous game will blow both of these away 🙂 My choice would be GTA between the 2 for now.

    • Wtf101

      That is some high praise for infamous. I dunno. I started infamous 2 and it just did not float my boat really. But before you commit to GTA, I would have loved for you to at least give SR3 a try.

      • Melasco

        Yeah, look, different strokes for different okes. I tried SR3, was free on PS+ recently, but it didn’t take at all… Infamous 2 I could not stop playing…

    • Wtf101

      That is some high praise for infamous. I dunno. I started infamous 2 and it just did not float my boat really. But before you commit to GTA, I would have loved for you to at least give SR3 a try.

  • Maxiviper117

    Even if SR is more fun than GTA V, GTA will sell more.

    • Dakan45

      so does cod.

      • Abcd

        cod is the most over rated bullsh*t ever.

        • Dakan45

          so does fifa and gta iv

  • Brady miaau

    I think I will become a Xbox gold member just to download the demo this weekend.

    I am not a player of these types of games, but man I want me some of this!

    • TiMsTeR1033

      not you too man. Dont you see what Gta 5 is trying to do!! its trying to be like real life to let you act out what you wish to do in real life and have a full living breathing city. Do car chases, Hunt animals,Have that car suped up like you always dreamed of, Sniping bad guys from a blimp, Steal a bike shoot a hooker ride off a cliff and skydive to land on car and knock over an old granny. Stuff like that on Gta 5 will be insane, and make you feel like woah did i just do that!

      • Brady miaau

        Your point is well made. I still reject it 🙂 I do not think it applies to me, but I can that it can does apply to other people.

        I play games to escape the world and create my own world. So if it is too close to the real world then I have a problem: for example, I have never even looked at any of the spy games or any other game set in our time line, that does not have big aliens ruling the earth in it. Too real for me.

        My point was made because during the first video trailer I saw, the lady voiceover said you can follow the three playable okes around and pick up on them in their real lives, while they watch TV, go to the shops and so forth, as you switch between them. They used the term voyeuristic. This may be amusing or not. That is why I said I am concerned they are trying to be an interactive movie.

        I am still quite excited by GTA V, to be honest. I may just get both. More than likely not at release, though.

        *edit* I spent all of GTA San Andreas shooting cops and running away, stuff the missions.

        • TiMsTeR1033

          But the point is this, a game is always going to be a game, its the things you cant do in real life… even if its incredibly real still up to you to enjoy it as a game is intended. I mean if Gta was trying to be too real why would they put the crazy guy in?? If they really wanted to be so serious they could, would be gritty no humor what so ever, they could make violence so real see bones and body parts but they dont because its a game. Yes Saints Row is fun yes you can do fun things but does it have the polish or the story telling or life to the world like Gta has…

          • Brady miaau

            Yes. But you and I are different people, with different tastes and desires. I like cats, by the way. Just putting that out there.

            I agree GTA V is, in all likelihood, going to be one hell of a ride, non-stop mayhem and fun, at my pace and control. How can that not be fun? Also, what about the b-grade fun to be had: I think Saints Row will be a nod to all the bad (but really good!) Sci-Fi movies and books over the last 50 years, in a much more profound way than GTA V will.

            I still raise the concern about the game advertising that you can “watch” the characters as they go about their daily business, when you are not playing as them. What? Why? Sims anyone?

      • Dakan45

        “Dont you see what Gta 5 is trying to do!! its trying to be like real life”

        Yup that is the demographics gta is appealing to, those who THINK gta is meant to be a real life open world.

        San andreas tried that with eating food, didnt go very well.

        • Brady miaau

          Eating food was crap. I would love to have seen the design meeting around that. Perhaps the staff were hungry?

          • Dakan45

            Yet he disliked your comment, what a freakign huge fanboy this guy is.

          • Lucan

            How ironic, since you seem to be following almost all of his posts just to shoot down everything he says.

          • Dakan45

            Sadly i am not doing it on purpuse.

  • dirkradke

    Saints Row used to be a clone of GTA and now they are doing there own thing. This of course is fine, but I wonder if Saints Row has any place to go now that they have gone totally insane since including Virtual Reality, becoming President and dealing with an Alien Invasion. It’s one thing to be outrageous in order to differentiate yourself, but where can you go from here to make people want to buy the next game while still being different from the King?

  • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

    I’ve already booked off a whole week for SAINTS ROW 4! I will not emerge from my self-imposed exile until I have finished it. I can’t wait.. I LITERALLY CAN’T WAIT!

    • Aussious

      Next weekend is going to be awesome Saints Row and KIck Ass 2!?

      • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

        I haven’t been this excited for a weekend since I was a kid. Toothy grin – deployed Sparkle in the eyes – enabled

  • joe

    Grand Theft Auto defines the free roaming genre, everything else uses it as the thing to beat and doesn’t come close.

    • Dakan45

      Yes gta iv was such a FUN free roaming game…NOT tiwas borring repettive trash.

    • TiMsTeR1033

      I cant agree more

  • John Van Rensburg

    while the same genre, they are two very different beasts. GTA is a Ferrari. its polished, and usually an awe inspiring creation, demonstrating the leading edge of that generations sandbox capabilities. SR is a tuned up ricer car, with fuzzy dice (or more likely, an oversized purple dildo) hanging from the mirror. its just as fast, and a completely different kind of fun to drive (particularly with the purple dildo). trying to say which is better is silly…they cater to different tastes within the same genre.

    • Brady miaau

      Yay. Nice post.

      Yeah, no fuzzy dice or dildo’s for me please. How about a half eaten ham sandwich hanging from the mirror?

  • wayne cole

    gta v is going to be better because of the graphic and how the multiplayer is and its in los santos again and saints row 4 wont be better because of it effort of changing where the place sets so gta v will throw saints row 4 out the window

  • Daniel Amaya

    Those 2 picture comparisons look like comparing the Xbox One to the original Xbox lol
    That being said, Saints Row can suck it. Their career is over with this game.

  • Gumby65

    I had to click this link to see if this article’s headline was really being asked. SMH

  • Aussious

    Pr-Ordered, Cammander & Chief edition…

  • Kayyu

    I personally play both of those and what I can tell you is there is no best of both worlds. Saints Row is fun and unlimited while gta is fun and unlimited but sr is unlimited to open minds and gta to open worlds. You cant get in bike races and live a rich life in saints row but you can very well freeze people and shatter them to death! Its up to you, really, to decide if you wanna go mad or you wanna go shopping.

  • Degtyarve

    You all have it wrong. While some people like GTA others like saints row. They are both good games with their own audience. However no matter what is done to these games, they will never have anything on the classic Legend of Zelda games.

  • omega2267

    if you want real life go outside and play, video games are meant to be fun not like real life, that’s what real life is for

  • JamesRfom

    why does it necessarily need to be a fun game, why is it that fun is the standard for being a good game?, Gta IV had his jokes, and burst of fun, but overall was it fun? NO!, because it wasn’t supposed to be fun, a game doesn’t necessarily need to be fun to be good.

    I think Gta V is going to be much more fun that Gta IV, while at the same time keeping the brutal, and violent themes that Gta handles in such a mature way.

  • Blair

    i dont even think you should compare GTA with Saints row.
    LOL as the saints row games go on they dont really focus on the STORY as much as they do for the thrill and fun of it. but in my opinion… GTA will kick saints rows ass upside down and backwards.
    take a look at the facts tho like Saints Row IV basically is Saints Row 3 but with super powers and weirder guns. its true…

    GTA V on the other hand…. its a big change from GTA IV and its gunna be awesome and a bit more realistic and it might actually feel like your in the game.

    IM NOT SAYING SAINTS ROW SUCKS BTW just i have the IV one and its a bit the same like the last one and i dont really like the super powers as much as i thought i would. its like a crackdown version we never got .

  • Pat.Riot

    no-one will buy SR4.

  • sodacat

    The gta 4 dlc were really fun especially tbogt that was great and multiplayer got better on that while saints row dlcs are lame and only trying to get a quick buck and i have a feeling that sr4 is gonna have alot of dlc judgeing how they realeased one on first week it came out

  • Alex Strand

    Rockstar games tend to take themselves a bit too serious and forget what games are all about , to be -fun- and entertaining.
    Saints Row 4 is all about fun , and for sci-fi/actiongame-Matrix fan like me, it’s probably -the- game all year that’s given me that much fun , just goofing around, doing assassination missions with tanks,attack choppers or UFOs! ,if not flying toward the ground landing with a near nuclear explosion.

    ..it’s a complete sandbox, and though some people mention Volition reused the town , Steelport ?
    They did that between SR 1 and SR 2 as well with Stillwater.

    I’m certain GTV is -much- larger area ,has a much more serious like storyline,
    I’ve already played the Saints Row games (and enjoyed them a whole lot more than ..well the GTA games since Vice City and San Andreas. GTA IV was -beautiful ,yet I didn’t have near the same fun as playing the much simpler (and lower budget?) Saints games.

    Have yet to try GTA V (soon) and can’t wait to do so. I sincerely -hope- I like it more than I did Saints 4 (’cause that would mean the game is -that- fun)

  • BAh

    it’s an odd comparison, they’re the same genre, but completely different styles and feels. saints row in complete madness, fun, funny and wacky, where as gta is serious with a hint of humor, gta’s fun for it’s realism, saints because you can do things that are imposable in real life. comparisons like this just creates fan-boy wars.

  • Fuccboi destroyer.

    SR4 looks like a kids game. SR3 tried far too hard to be wacky and didn’t deliver so I guess that’s no surprise.

  • GEToverIT

    woah..just found this thread now…alot of hatred on both ends of the world i see

  • GEToverIT

    anyways , people really need to stop comparing these 2 games , to me they are both ENTIRELY different games, gta is more that mafia style “goin on date with other people’s sister’s, tryna impress family,driving around from end to end taking orders from other people (like the bitch that you are) kinda game were as saints row (in my opinion) is more gangsta, you do what you want how you want , you choose who you do it with ,simply cause your the boss 😀 and seems much more fun if you just wana kick back and relax, so i dont see the whole this is better than that crap that all the forums & stuff are going on about, sure saints row 4 was about aliens & super powers…..so what? it was an expansion designed for sr3…then thq sold out and deep silver took over ….and actually made someting of it and realest it in the short time that they did, why judge it???? gta games have all the time in the world but its still nowere near perfect….i mean cj in an areoplane??really? what shit was that? and far as graphics goes that somebody mentioned somewere here…who gives a shit? rockstar games required high end pc’s just to look like sharpened console graphics, is that thrilling for some of you?, i personally played every gta and sr, and i tell u this much,it makes no difference they cant compete with 1 and another, its like forza/grand turismo vs need for speed, also “gta is way better than saints row” comments being made by ppl before the game is even realest b4 youve even played it, judging via pics n youtube vidz?…..LMFAO!!! yeah ofcos i see the “mature” audience are really someting, sure the game cud well be awesome as im waiting to see myself…but dont make horse shit comments abt sumting you have no idea about sincing u physically havent exprienced it for yourself……but hey all in all atleast gta fans have a legacy of characters and new 1s to brag abt (like loki and his army) were as saints row fans have……johnny gat 😀 (the Hulk) lol

    peace out peeps enjoy both ends of the world GTA/ 3rd Street For Life 🙂

  • John Slegers

    I’ve played pretty much every GTA game available on PC, including those that weren’t in 3D : the first game, GTA London and GTA II.

    I recently played Saints Row IV and prefer it to the GTA franchise because it’s far more over the top, because of how the superhero element adds a whole? different gameplay experience and because it contains a lot more geek culture references (especially sci-fi movies like “The Matrix”, “Tron” and “They Live”).

    The latter IMO also illustrates it’s oriented towards a more geeky audience than the GTA franchise, which is a theory that I’d love to see statistics for 🙂

  • Vic 2.0

    “GTA 5” and the word “fun” do not belong in the same sentence. Aside from the graphics/presentation, there is practically nothing good about GTA 5. They certainly didn’t put half as much thought and time into the gameplay as they did into detailing that huge map. This is evident by the relative lack of activities that are actually fun, the failure to improve on hardly anything in the gameplay department, and all the great features/activities that were in previous GTAs but absent in this one. There are even ways this game is WORSE than previous GTAs, gameplay-wise, like having to shoot before you can aim while driving and the broken cop and wanted level system. It’s just one huge disappointment.

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