Jurassic Park: The Chaos Gene coming soon from MONDO

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Best known for their array of high-quality movie merchandise, MONDO entered into the board game fray earlier this year with The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31. Obviously, it’s done well enough for MONDO to continue their expansion, as they’ve announced their next game based on another cult classic film: Jurassic Park.

As reported on Jurassic Outpost, Jurassic Park: The Chaos Gene looks to be an officially licenced product. Mondo Games’ Luke Byers is the head of design for the game, along with Joe van Wetering, Joe Wiesch, Jay Shaw, and Matthew Woodson as the game’s illustrator.

Jurassic Park: The Chaos Gene will focus solely on the events of the first movie. Based on the photos tweeted by Cynapse, The Chaos gene will be a four-player, asymmetrical board game. Different players will have significantly different capabilities, bringing a unique gameplay experience to every game. Playable characters include InGen scientists, park guests, and a pack of Velociraptors.

Unfortunately, that’s all we currently know about The Chaos Gene as there is no plot or design related information out there, save for an estimated launch window of 2018. But hey, playable Velociraptors. I’m keen!

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Last Updated: November 14, 2017

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    Very quiet here .. .. Not many people into board games. Hey but I’m keen! Can’t wait.

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