Microsoft shows off “The Power of DirectX 12”

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We’ve yet to really see any benefit from DirectX 12. Microsoft’s new API, like Mantle before it, and other similar pedal-the-the-medal technologies like Vulkan are meant to bring console-like efficiency to superior PC hardware.

On paper, it should make PC games look and run much better, but there’s been little to suggest that’s the case so far. Microsoft’s released a trailer to showcase DX 12 and Windows 10, calling it the best Windows for gaming.

The video’s filled to the brim with buzzwords and jargon like “unparalleled graphic fidelity”, “up to 20% increase in GPU performance”, “up to 50% improvement in overall CPU usage”, and “the fastest API adoption this decade.”

Microsoft’s recently made what seems to be an earnest commitment to the Pc as a gaming platform, with plans on bringing many of its Xbox One games to PC.

“We are in, and we want to make sure that PC gamers are able to play PC games that we can go build,” Xbox Head Phil Spencer told PC Gamer. “I love investing more in PC games. It would be nice to invest in some very tried-and-true PC genres when we think about that, of, ‘hey, let’s go and build some great PC games as part of our portfolio.”

including Forza 6: Apex, a slimmed-down version of its hit racing franchise, the recent launch of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and the shock announcement that one if its biggest exclusives of the year is not really that exclusive; Quantum Break is coming to PC too.

“When we originally started Quantum Break, we didn’t know that Windows 10 was gonna be there, we didn’t know how our strategy would involve,” Spencer said. “We obviously knew in working with Remedy that having a PC version of a Remedy game makes total sense. As our strategy came together, we saw the opportunity to be able to ship these at the same time, and supporting things like shared save games and other things that have been part of the strategy.”

Last Updated: March 4, 2016

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  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    By the power of DirectX!

    • Commander Admiral Chief

      So guess who hit MR15 last night

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        Not me! 😀

        • Commander Admiral Chief

          LOL duh

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            Mutalist Cernos incoming! WHEEEEEEEEE I want one!

          • Commander Admiral Chief


  • And yet the still insist on using windows store and blocking all PC exclusive functionality like tweaking gfx settings and modding.

    • CiNiMoD

      Wait what?! Where is the source for this or is this just typical internet rage posting because nothing intelligent could be though of?

  • ElimiNathan

    I love how they add more lighting to the DirectX12 shots, they could easily have done that to the DX11 parts too

    • Fox1 – Retro

      IIRC, DX11 was all about smoke and flags.

      • ElimiNathan


  • Pariah

    So DX12 is great. Now fix (delete from existence) the Win10 store, and we’re good to go.

    • Commander Admiral Chief


    • RustedFaith


    • “So DX12 is great. Now fix (delete from existence and use steam) the Win10 store, and we’re good to go.”

      Fixed it for you cause MS will see this think it is a great idea and sign a deal with Ubisoft to use Uplay.

      • Pariah

        Nice catch! I approve!

  • HvR

    They must be careful if that DirectX12 power ever comes in contact with the infinite Cloud Power all the GPU and CPU will infuse the virtual reality into our brains, while the awesomemest trailer music blast out of nowhere ending in massive sensory overload causing all virgins around the world the be instantly impregnated.

  • HairyEwok

    So from the power of Cloud to the power of DirectX 12

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