You must use Blu-Ray because we want more money!

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Rich Marty is the vice president of new business development for Sony and he has been talking about the latest company (Acer) to join the Blu-Ray movement.

He said the two companies he really wants would be Toshiba and Microsoft :), I wonder why… Anyway the whole article is fine but generally just your normal news until I stumbled across this gem…

The DVD format was good, but profitability only lasted for a couple of years before there was no money to be had in the hardware market,” said Marty. “We believe consumers are smart enough to realise the benefits and pay the extra accordingly

So we must buy Blu-Ray players because these multi national corporations are not making any money on the DVD hardware anymore? Is it just me who finds that brazenly arrogant of them? Yes we all know that these companies are driven by profit but I would expect them to rather sell their products on features and not on the fact that they want more profit.

I sincerely hope Blu-Ray now lose this war, actually I sincerely hope both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray lose this war. Neither format is required at the moment.

Sony invites Toshiba and Microsoft to join Blu-ray camp – – gadget news and reviews

Last Updated: September 6, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • doobiwan

    for me the most hysterical comment is the one at the end when asked about what to do about HD-DVD exclusives:

    “And as for how consumers are supposed to get around the Dreamworks and Paramount shift to HD DVD? “Buy it on DVD,” Marty suggested – before quickly adding that Blu-ray players have upscaling features so you can still get the most out of the picture quality”

    So buying BR’s is completely useless because the DVD’s upscale anyway . . . genius.

    I was in Audio vision this weekend and I had an epiphany 😉 Notice how all HD demo’s use still, slow or very uncomplicated screensaver type images? — It’s because of motion blur – basically in an action film things blur anyway so hi-def becomes totally pointless!

    So no thanks, I’ll stick to DVD’s.

  • Tan365

    You do that my good friend

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