Another gaming app to make you wish you had an iPhone

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Or at least an Android phone that has a camera as well. God, would somebody remind me why I own a crappy Nokia N97? The app in question is called Cedemo and it’s an extension of a European company of the same name that provides information on games to online stores, the media and publishing companies. is kind of like the Internet Movie Database, but for games.

With that in mind, Cedemo has a wealth of content on games, ranging from trailers, screenshots, ratings and all the information one would need. Their slogan is “We make working with Video Games easy” and as far as a resource for information goes, you can see how they would be quite capable of doing that. With their new iOS and Android app, they’re giving you access to their information while you’re on the move, but there’s a neat additional feature.

The Cedemo app is free and available for download. Utilising the iPhone’s camera, the app allows you to scan any barcode from the back of a game’s box to call up all the information Cedemo has. The next time you’re browsing a store for a new game, this could come in handy if the description and screenshots on the back of a box don’t initially convince you. That, or you could just sit around at home scanning all the barcodes on the games you already own. Now THAT sounds like a fun night in.

The app has access to games that have been released since 2000, plus you can search for game titles that you don’t have a barcode for. As mentioned, the app will work on any iOS device that has a camera, so that includes an iPod touch.

Source: Destructoid

Last Updated: December 2, 2010

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