Another One? Nintendo Announces the New! Improved! DSi LL

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In what is surely a slap to the face to early adopters of Nintendo’s DSi (itself just an enhanced version of the DS Lite, itself just an enhanced version of the DS) Nintendo has the gall to announce an updated, significantly larger version of the DSi.

Ok, my chagrin is misplaced – The redesign is the result of requests from regular DS users who want to use the device more for its media and internet capabilities, where the larger screens would be of benefit.

Featuring two mammoth screens of 4.2” (Just 0.1” short of the PSP Phat’s screen), the DSi LL is ostensibly aimed at people with terrible eyesight; such as the elderly, moles, bats and Asians.

Source : GoNintendo

Last Updated: October 29, 2009

Geoffrey Tim

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