E3 2015: Bethesda shows off Dishonored 2

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Thanks to Bethesda livestreaming their rehearsal, we kind of knew that Arkane would be showing off Dishonored 2 – but its now official. Bethesda and Arkane showed off the game with its steampunk, stylised art direction, sneaky stabbing. The next game from the team, Dishonored 2.

Starting off with a trailer showing Corvo’s Mask, it shows another dystopian world with parkour, sneaking and that beautiful aesthetic that defined the last game. This time though, judging from the trailer, it seems to feature a lady assassin; Emily Cauldwin in place of the last outings Corvo; though you’ll be able to play as either.  The same sort of mechanics seems present; Steampunk magic, cool steampunk weapons, general steampunk assassin badassaery. The CG Trailer that was shown doesn’t really show much else more – but does focus on a new bad guy usurping the throne. New bad guys.The whole thing will let you play as you like it though; sneak, stab, hide in the shadows: it’s al about your choice.

Another choice? The definitive edition of the original game is coming to new consoles, with all of the DLC and shiny new graphics.

Last Updated: June 15, 2015

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