Ex-Nintendo Indie lead working on PlayStation’s Metroid

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Dan Adelman isn’t a name that might be immediately familiar to anyone other than Nintendo fans. The famed indie lead left Nintendo after nine years of work there last month, and since then hasn’t been that active. Until yesterday, when it was revealed that he would be working on Axiom Verge, PlayStation’s own Metroid.

Adelman revealed his involvement via his blog, at the same time confirming that Axion Verge would be released exclusively on PS4 and PS Vita first. The game is set to reach Steam a little later, but no other consoles.

Axiom Verge, in case you don’t know, is an action indie title heavily inspired by the old Metroid games. The game’s aesthetics and mechanics mirror some of the aspects of 80’s Metroid goodness, making it the perfect title for anyone who never owned the Nintendo gem.

Last year Adelman was banned from using Twitter by Nintendo, after some strong remarks regarding the 3DS’ region locking. He was allowed back onto social media in August this year, shortly before he left Nintendo for good. I guess this is now way of getting back at them for a year long Twitter blackout.

Axiom Verge is set to launch early next year.

Last Updated: October 1, 2014

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