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Extras! Spider-Man is back, Wolverine on the beach, scientists and apes,Rocky vs Jake La Motta, the greatest movie sequel never made and more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

Looks like Gwyneth Paltrow wants to get a head in Stark International, thanks to this new promotional poster for Iron Man 3. Get it? A head? Ha, I kill myself! I’ll be here all week while Kervyn attempts to claw his way out of the Dark Knight Rises prison that he tripped into!

Oh, and here’s Stark himself to drive that joke further into the ground;


 Adam Sandler may not be winning any real awards right now, but the man is still a box office draw. Hotel Transylvania benefited from his audio work, while recent films are still considered finnacial successes by studios. With comedy western Ridiculous Six now being delayed due to internal issues, Sandler is going to be focussing his attention on another project.

And according to Variety, that project is going to be another romantic comedy. Seeing as how I actually enjoyed one of his previous works in that genre, 50 first dates, I don’t actually mind this at all. The film has a script from Ivan Menchell and Claire Sera, that deals with a blind date from hell that somehow throws in multiple children.

Sandler is attached, but other elements, such as a co-star, director, studio and budget still need to be settled before this project takes off.

 Bad news Joe Carnahan fans. While the director of The Grey may have dropped out of Daredevil, we were kinda looking forward to his reboot on the Death Wish franchise, but that ain’t happening at all it seems. Carnahan has left that project, citing creative issues with finding a lead actor for the role that Charles Bronson made famous over two decades and five films. Specifically the fact that Paramount and MGM wanted Bruce Willis in the main role.

“You stick to your guns,” Carnahan wrote on Twitter shortly after the story broke. “You walk what you talk and you only make the things and do the work you love and believe in.”

Carnahan then proceeded to throw some late seventies rock jams on, before skinning a wolf and duct-taping it’s claws and teeth to his fists before he jumped through a window at New Line Cinema to see if he could helm a solo Strider spin-off film.

 Riddick, what is best in life? Why sequels directed by David Twohy and having an incredible alien army at my Furian disposal of course! Vin Diesel and Twohy have been teasing us with sneak peeks at the upcoming third Riddick film, and in this latest one, it looks like winter has come for the night vision warrior.


 And not to be outdone by an action star who is 200% less hairy or Adamantium-boned than a certain Canadian mutant, comes director James Mangold, showing off a new pic of ol’ Logan enjoying some fun in the sun. And by fun, we mean scowling intensely at anyone who dares walk up to him.

Dammit, today seems to be picture day. Here’s another behind the scenes image, this time of Robert De Niro and Sylvestor Stallone as battling pugilists in Grudge match. By the way, De Niro happens to be 69, while Stallone is 66. I need me some of those Human Growth Hormones.

Pish posh! Downtown Abbey director Andy Goddard has had enough of ye ‘ol Victorian age family squabbles, and he’s looking to helm soemthing else instead. He’ll be doing just that in an adaptation of the Patricia Highsmith novel The Blunderer, which is not a book about my attempts at scoring a one-night stand.

“‘The Blunderer’ is one of those extremely special projects, complete with complicated Highsmithian characters and edge-of-your-seat tension. We are thrilled to have Andy at the helm of this one. He’s a unique and skilled director with a great vision for the film,” gushed Sierra/Affinity CEO Nick Meyer.

The Blunderer is a different sort of novel, as it deals with mistakes in a manner that would give Columbo an erection. From the Wikipedia entry:

For years, mild mannered lawyer Walter Stackhouse has suffered as a result of his neurotic, unstable wife Clara, whose constant alienation of all his friends, coupled with her penchant for overly dramatic gestures, has slowly driven him to hate her. After he becomes infatuated with the sweet and sensuous music teacher Ellie Briess, Clara jealously attempts suicide via an overdose, forcing him into her arms once again.

However, he eventually stands his ground and demands a divorce. When Clara subsequently turns up dead, having fallen off a cliff during a bus trip to see her dying mother, Walter finds himself blundering around in the dark as the official investigation ensues. He admits that he stalked her bus in his car, whilst daydreaming about the possibility of killing her at the first stop, just as Melchior J. Kimmel, a 40-year-old bookshop manager, murdered his own domineering partner Helen, an unsolved crime that Walter had read of in the paper and grown fascinated by.

Both men soon encounter the formidable, possibly psychotic Lieutenant Lawrence Corby, a police officer with savage ambition who is convinced of their guilt and believes that they are somehow in cahoots with one another. He soon begins encroaching on his suspects’ lives, sowing the seeds of doubt into the minds of those they care for and even ferociously assaulting Kimmel.


What, you thought that we were done with photos? Not yet! Our last one for today takes a look at Spidey back in black, or more precisely, patriotic blue and red spandex webs via Coming Soon. He’s got bug eyes, bug eyes I say!

 Even though Rise of the Planet of the Apes has more plot holes in it than my underwear, a sequel is still underway. With a virus that can now make those damn dirty apes smarter and more lethal to humanity, it looks like ol’ Ceaser has an empire to build. Set 15 years after the first film and with most of humanity deader than the Dodo, it looks like this is it for the Homo Sapien race in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Of course, as is the norm in the post-apocalypse, a small band of survivors is still out there, looking for a way to fight back and restore humanity to the top of the food chain. Enter Kodi Smit-McPhee, who will be using her acting powers to help nanny those apes science the hell out of a solution for this very predicament.

 And to end this day off, we’re taking a look at the sequel to the greatest movie ever made. No, I’m not talking about Casablanca, Citizen Kane, Smokey and the Bandit or Ernest joins the army. I’m talking about talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, who has drafted a who’s who of talent for his second masterpiece. And Matt Damon.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Movie: The Movie 2V.

Last Updated: February 25, 2013

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