Final Fantasy XI boss takes 18 hours to complete

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Final Fantasy insanity

Honestly I am generally happy if it takes me less than 18 hours to complete an entire game from beginning to end. So when someone mentions that it will take 18 hours to kill a single character in a game I just stare in disbelief and walk away.

But a group of people named “Beyond Limition” has taken on the challenge and killed the Absolute Virtue boss after an idiotic 18 hour battle.

However not to be outdone by some group of brats the developers have decided to release some new DLC with an even tougher boss called Pandemonium Warden.

Beyond Limitation took on the challenge and after 18 hours of solid battling actually called it quits since some of them were passing out, others were vomiting and were starting to actually worry about their health.

Honestly in my humble opinion an 18 hour boss fight is stupid and the developers should have rather rewarded the group who beat it with a free game or at least a beer. Releasing a harder boss just doesn’t make sense me to…

Oh before I forget the game in question was Final Fantasy XI

Source: Destructoid

Last Updated: August 13, 2008

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