Halo: Reach – New Halo Game?

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It looks like a slip of the fingers over at Microsoft has revealed what the next Halo game will be called.

No not the ODST one we all know about but the one after we finished the fight… again… The next Halo lined up is going to be entitled “Halo: Reach”.

If you’re a major Halo aficionado this would be ringing bells for you of a previous story entitled “Halo: Fall od Reach”, but I am not the biggest Halo fan so I know nothing of these things.

Another possibility is that the Halo movie being made by Peter Jackson could be released simultaneously with this game which would follow the same story… or something like that.

Halo fans rejoice, apparently the Chief will live forever. Lets see if Microsoft’s E3 announcement says anything of the sort.

Source: Kotaku & Destructoid

Last Updated: June 1, 2009

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