I Now Pronounce You Man…and videogame.

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Oh good Lord. A man has married a videogame character. Yeah…umm. Ok. Sure, we’ve started seeing a growing trend of Japanese men engaging in real relationships with faux suitors – but this really takes the (wedding) cake.

A presumably Japanese man has taken the digital hand of Nene Anegasaki, one of three characters in DS dating sim Love Plus – that encourages real-word interactions with digital girls, such as taking them on bona-fide dates- and made her his bride. The ceremony was held in a church in Guam, with a reception to that followed in Japan yesterday – where the guests were family, close friends, and the entire internet, courtesy of webcams.

It does beg the question of just how he plans to consumate this marriage – especially if he’s rocking a DSi. – those no longer have the GBA port. At least he can be safe in the knowledge that he’ll always be able to turn her on – and that divorce is as simple as trading her in for the next Dragon Quest game.

Source : Tiny Cartridge

Last Updated: November 23, 2009

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