In Other News – 01 July 2013

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Tori Black

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back…to Monday! The first day of a new week is over, and what a special day it is. Because today is the birthday of the greatest beer-drinking support of Liverpool FC that I know, my dad! Also, Gavin’s birthday as well. Yaaaaay.

In Other News: Darkspore is now DRMspore, the Dark Sorceror is all about comedy, Metal Gear gets a new cast, SimCity has airships and Hellboy 3 might still live.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were too busy putting trick candles on Gavin’s cake. Which were attached to deadly, deadly cobras.


Xbox Music web service now available, 30 day trials start now
UK Charts – The Last of Us claims third number one
The Dark sorceror was developed to tackle real time comedy, says David Cage
Metal Gear Solid 5 art director talks new characters
Server bugs make Darkspore unplayable
Guncraft, Cognition among eight games greenlit on Steam
Hyper Dimension Neptunia to be reborn on PS Vita this fall
Airships arrive in SimCity


Mario plant or nightmare fuel?
D4, the Xbox One’s most enigmatic exclusive
What if the original Super Mario Bros was remade in HD?
How gamers saved the industry and games as a medium


Painkiller: Hell and Damnation – PS3 trailer
The Serious Sam Collection – Debut trailer
The Walking Dead – 400 days playing dead

What’s on at The Movies

Help Kickstart a Back To The Future documentary 88 MPH, in Back In Time
Get a load of five new character posters from Ender’s Game
This isn’t a dream, as Jacob’s Ladder is getting a remake
Monday Box Office Report – The Heat is on
Could red mean go for Hellboy 3 at Legendary Pictures?
Shane Black talks Doc Savage
This new trailer for Prisoners just ain’t right

Model: Tori “I’m not joking NSFW” Black

Last Updated: July 1, 2013

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