In Other News – 02 April 2014

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I may have recently been hired to help our local Idols TV show climb further on the ratings. My first act, as El Chairman of the position that I took over in a bloody coup, was to apply a new rule to the auditions. Anyone who enters and immediately launches into a sob story for the sake of drama, immediately gets dropped…into a Rancor pit below the stage. I think I’m onto something here.

In Other News: Persona 4 heads to the Playstation 3, get a Stone Cold Stunner for cheap, try to escape Hellraid and join the Unearth Initiative.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was too busy selling everything that I own for a delicious sammich.


Persona 4 age-rated for PS3 release
GTA V iFruit available now on PS Vita
South Park: The Stick of Truth Space and Samurai DLC packs out now
Xbox Live sale discounts Spider-Man and WWE content
Throw your own eyeballs around in Hellraid: The Escape
Give your worst to the Unearth Initiative
Caffeine is an oddly-titled space-horror game
April Fools day inflates craniums throughout Guild Wars 2


Dark visions cloud The Astronauts’ open-world crime thriller, The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter
The story of GoldenEye 007?s most notorious gun, The Klobb – and its design secret
If Final Fantasy battles were actually dance-offs
The Princess Zelda statue that I’ve been waiting for


The sun at night – Launch trailer
Enemy Mind  – Debut trailer
ARMA III – ARMA karts trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Fantastic Four finds its Doctor Doom
Byung-hun Lee and more sign up for Terminator: Genesis
This new trailer for Wolf Creek 2 is pleased to meet’cha
Whatever happens in this trailer for begin again will keep rolling
Midweek Mouth-Off – Noah you’re talking
We Review Divergent – A formulaic slog that wastes its talent
Let the revolution begin in these two trailers for Night Moves

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Last Updated: April 2, 2014

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