In Other News – 03 April 2012

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What a beautiful day it’s been. Not a cloud in the sky, a beautiful blue sky, and a beam of warm sunlight on the floor that my cat has taken advantage off. It’s days like this that I just adore, as they’re the last vestiges of that wonderful summer weather, before winter comes knocking on my door, with it’s pointy-nipple inducing climate.

And despite my best attempts to hurry up global warming, this year looks set for another frigid couple of months, as the mornings get darker and colder. Damn winter, it truly is my nemesis season.

In Other News

Angry birds goes into animation, Snake and Raiden fight smudgy screens and the gorram Batman gets a hint of some new DLC.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were too busy using our tinfoil hat powers to get to the bottom of the rising costs in petrol and vaseline.


New Xbox means more ploygons, means higher development costs
Snake and Raiden team up to clean your Vita screen
Forza 4 Alpine Stars DLC arrives this month
Amazon opens a retro gaming store
New Batman Arkham City DLC rumoured to be on the way
Angry Birds mobile animated series confirmed
The Street Fighter X Tekken tournament that brought despicable behaviour to light


Emotional connections in video games – Give me a reason to care
The MMO gold rush is over
Kill used games, kill the industry
The five creepiest moments in retro gaming history


Star Wars Kinect – Princess in a battle trailer
Xcom Enemy Unknown – Hit points trailer
Star Thunder – Teaser trailer

Across the Networks

New Avengers TV spot gives us a look at Lokis’ army, and who I think they could be!
First set pictures surface for Quentin Tarantinos’ Django Unchained
Roland Emmerich wants to destroy the White House. Again
Introducing Ster Kinekor Prestige, the ultimate movie experience
Leather pants, hairspray and metal, it’s the new trailer for Rock of Ages!
Japan, you’ve just reached a new level of crazy with your kissing posters
The flying car of the future has finally taken off
Massive pencil launcher reinvents classroom warfare

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Last Updated: April 3, 2012

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