In Other News – 04 February 2013

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Amanda Klaasen

We were going to have an article addressing video game safety. Not by us, mind you. But by an experienced person who had braved all kinds of hazards. Yes, we had hired Fire Marshall Bill (Burnsie to his pals), to give you all a pep talk. And then he proceeded to highlight the dangers of Gears of War by huffing on a cylinder of gas and throwing zippo lighters down his throat. I’ll you what though, he most certainly did show us “sumthin”.

In Other News: Omerta releases some gangsters, the Last of Us mentions some clickers, Xbox makes even more money, controlling an 80s arcade, a very extended look from Robert Downey Jr, Michael Bay redesigns Transformers and the five games that helped kill THQ.

Here’s the news that we didn’t publish today, because we were too busy trying to figure out what to do with the chuckling corpse of Bill.


DmC Devil may Cry shipped one million units in January, forecasts slashed
Gears of War Judgement achievements revealed
Take control of an 80s arcade, out now on XBLIG
Xbox Live Arcade revenue doubled in 2012
Proteus creator defends his game as a game
Shadowrun Returns, new gameplay images surface
Don’t Fret, this Last of Us gameplay footage won’t infect you
Republique gets new screens, updates


Twitter, gaming’s new platform to communicate
Seven modern gaming innovations that we take for granted
The five games that sank THQ
The ten most cinematic moments in gaming history


League of legends – Season 3 trailer
Dead Space 3 – Take down the terror trailer
Omerta City of Gangsters – Launch trailer

Across the Network

Take a first look at Anna and Elsa from Disney’s upcoming Frozen
Celebrate some wickedness in this international trailer for Byzantium
It’s time to seek justice Kemosabe, in this new Super Bowl spot for The Lone Ranger
Rumour – Is Marvel planning a Planet Hulk feature film for Phase thee?
Monday Box Office Report
Iron Man 3 extended Super Bowl TV spot
All roads lead to this teaser poster and super bowl TV spot for Fast and Furious 6
Michael Bay talks about Transformers 4 being a redesign, not a reboot

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Last Updated: February 4, 2013

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