In Other News – 05 April 2012 Homegrown Hottie Long Weekend Edition

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I’m pretty much glued to my iPad right now, engaging in some addictive combat in Kingdom Rush, much to Geoff’s amusement as he watches me struggle to defeat yet another wave of golems, so while I ogle my screen of strategy, you can ogle our Homegrown Hottie, Candice Otto, from LW Mag.

Candice is a Jozi girl from the racing section of the city, has a thing for chivalrous guys, good old fashioned rock ‘n roll music, and decent films such as Aladdin and 300. I honestly think I’m in love. Read more about her here.

In Other News: Borderlands 2 might hail to a certain king soon, what exactly is Halo Infinity and does Nintendo have a game in the works that can dethrone Gran Turismo and Forza?

Here’s the news that we didn’t post because a bottle of hot sauce had just murdered us.

This week on Lazygamer

Lazygamer TV – Top Five sandbox games
Lumines Electronic Symphony – Block Droppin’ Beats
We go hands on with Borderlands 2
The FPB wants your opinion on new video game ratings
Dear Hollywood, please stop making video game movies
Under the radar – FIM Motocross World Championship
Binned – This is Vegas
You tell me, why do you play racing games?


Phantasy Star Online 2 Character Creation demo released
Is Duke Nukem coming to Borderlands 2?
Skyrim mod lets you play a tower defense game
New videos for Risen 2 show the voodoo that you will do
Microsoft registers new domains for "Halo Infinity"
Sim City gets a release date
Is Nintendo working on a rival answer for Forza and Gran Turismo?
Devil May Cry reboot game release date leaks out


Five things that Blizzard learnt since Diablo 2
A long walk in high heels – A history of transgender video game characters
Top ten games your kids should never ever play
The ten paths to piracy


KOA Reckoning – Building worlds
Aliens Colonial Marines – First contact trailer
Spec Ops The Line – Preorder trailer

Across the Networks

So how much porn is actually on the internet?
Half a million macs succumb to a trojan virus – How safe is your mac?
The first look at Googles’ Project Glass shows off a hip future
Retro drink coasters are the best kind of coaster
More people enter the tomb of Sylvester Stallone
Die Hard 5 finds its villains
Don’t expect an Avatar sequel any time soon
Movies releasing today – Four and more for the Easter Weekend
Is the Mummy getting a fresh coat of bandages
The Total Recall trailer, now with Directors Commentary!
Oliver Stones Savages gets a teaser trailer
Camel Spiders the movie – And you thought Piranha 3DD looked bad

Model: Candice Otto

Last Updated: April 5, 2012

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