In Other News – 06 January Weekend Edition

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We trust you’ve had a great time being back at work this week and- Enh, who am I kidding, no one is happy to be back in the ol’ cubicle. Fortunately, the weekend is here, and I can’t wait to spend it doing something constructive.

Okay, that’s also a lie. I’m going to sit on my ass and play games in my underwear with the curtains closed. Don’t judge me.

In Other News: Gran Turismo puts the metal to milking pedal, EA and their snowboarding woes and Diablo celebrates 15 years of scaring the crap out of us.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because we were too busy trying to figure out how to combine beer and ice cream.

This Week on Lazygamer

FFD: What was 2011’s biggest gaming disappointment
Motionsports Adrenaline Review: Adrenalololololol
How the SOPA act could affect you, the gamer
Are you going to buy a Vita
What games are you looking forward to in 2012?
Pokémon Rumble Blast Review: Gotta wind ‘em all up!
I got interviewed by Gamezone, they lied to me


Gran Turismo 5 hints at XL edition
Final Fantasy XIII-2 inspired by Red Dead Redemption and Skyrim
EA Loses dispute over SSX domain name 
“Oper?tion Crowbar” commenced by Valve’s fans
Ubisoft confirms Vita launch line-up
A sequel to WWE All-Stars is highly unlikely right now
SWTOR To receive weekly fixes and tweaks
Age of Empires 3 hits Steam
The largest Sega collection that you’ll ever see for sale
Diablo 15th Anniversary: Diablo 3 is almost done


A potato chip that look like General RAAM
Kanye West to make video games?
Top ten dead franchises that could find new life on the PS Vita
Piracy from an Indie perspective


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Moogle trailer
House of the Dead 3 announcement trailer
8 Realms debut trailer

Across the Networks

Find out how to reset your gadgets (After you’ve broken them)
Akira adaptation is almost axed
Underworld Awakening – Trailer blow out
The “trailer” for the 84th Academy Awards is out… and it’s kind of great
Dolphins and dragon tattoos – New movies opening in South Africa today
Jeremy Renner involved in a violent Thailand bar brawl
EXTRAS! Act 001 – Scene 001

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Last Updated: January 6, 2012

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