In Other News – 06 October 2011

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It was rather a sad start to the day when we got word that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had passed on yesterday. Love or hate the Apple brand, one cannot deny the impact that its had on our lives, from the compact iMac PC, all the way through to the iPod, iPhone and iPad devices.

Its devices such as that, that have catapulted gaming into a more casual sector, that made the industry not only look better, but also become more acceptable and widespread.

In Other News: Sony tells us how older games need extra love, Infinity Ward and Treyarch grow distant from each other and Frank returns.

Here’s the news we didn’t do, because we were too busy raising a glass to Steve Jobs. Here’s to you Steve, and for all your hard work.


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Why the Kill/Death ratio won’t be in Uncharted 3
Infinity Ward and Treyarch will grow further apart after Modern Warfare 3 is released
Resistance 3 might have future co-op DLC, says Insomnia
Batman Arkham City writers on boss battles: We’re a victim of our own genre
Sony on how PS2 classics require special attention for the PS3 port
Crysis PS3 and Xbox 360 comparison
Future Battlefield campaigns may let you play as the enemy
3DS Game packaging to face a redesign?


The pros and cons of remake syndrome
Would you play a video game that you could never win?
Five books that would make for great video games
What military shooters leave out
Top five video game commercials of all time


Forza 4 cat and mouse multiplayer trailer
Skullgilrs Parasoul walkthrough trailer
Dead Rising 2: Frank returns trailer

Last Updated: October 6, 2011

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