In Other News – 06 October 2014

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You know what kids today need? Better gaming hands. I mean loom at our hands. We’ve got calluses from all night marathons of Gradius. My hands are permanently crooked from trying to clock Rockman 1-6 in a single sitting. I have a thumb strong enough to beat arm wrestlers at their own game. But kids today? Smooth, smooth hands man. And they’re not even jazz hands.

In Other News: You can park DriveClub from today, Gearbox gets threatened, Thor blimey mate and Rune Factory 4 finally heads to Europe.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy extorting other websites for protection money.


You can pre-load DriveClub right now
UK Charts – FIFA holds off Mordor, Forza and Smash Bros
Charlemagne expansion for Crusader Kings 2 arrives later this month
Gearbox HQ targeted with bomb threat hoax
Next car Game now has an actual name
Marvel Puzzle Quest is the first game to include female Thor
Rune Factory 4 is finally coming to Europe
Curtain Call DLC covers Final Fantasy Fables, Romancing Saga


The GameCube secrets revealed
Sid Meier’s cultural victory
CBS commentator urges gamers to go play in the real world
Touch the future – Meet the games embracing the material world


Black The Fall – Kickstarter trailer
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – Claptrap gameplay
Warface – Welcome to Nevada traile

What’s on at The Movies

Cinophile – Enter The Void
This intense trailer for American Sniper will fry you if you’re wrong
A reboot of I Am Legend is on the cards
Has our favourite Time Lord gone too far in Doctor Who?
Come and get your love in the Guardians Of The Galaxy Blu-ray from December 9
Monday Box Office Report
Oh no, this red band trailer for Home Sweet Hell is still alive!
Jaoquin Phoenix drops out of Doctor Strange, Ethan Hawke in talks to be his replacement

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Last Updated: October 6, 2014

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