In Other News – 09 January 2012

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My word, it is hot today. And not just your regular hellfire-hotness either, but the kind that somehow manages to rewrite your DNA so that your skin keeps attempting to fuse with the leather on your chair.

And I love it. Unlike a certain other staff member here who can only survive about ten minutes of direct sunlight before exploding, I thrive on such heat. Compared to cold weather, I’m in a hellish paradise. Bring it on Summer, I say, while I attempt to crowbar a leather recliner off my back.

In Other News: Sequels to classic racing games may be on the way, THQ threatens pirate wrestlers and what the inside of a Japanese game studio looks like.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because we were too busy demanding to know why we never got a slice of cake from the ANC celebrations over the weekend.


Capcom comments on Devil May Cry death threats
Is Project Gotham Racing 5 and a GRID sequel inbound?
Gran Turismo 5 complete pack removed from PS Store
Star Wars the Old Republic attacked for slavery and torture content
Metroid Other M finally sells over a million units
Does the PS3 have a new video editor?
THQ gives a stern warning to WWE12 cheaters
The ten most played Xbox 360 games of 2011
Capcom neutral over SOPA support


Designing non-human females in video games
Step inside the offices of one of the hottest Japanese gaming developers
Prototype 2 Bios: Sergeant James Heller
Top five video game Elvises/si/s’


Tomes of Mephistopheles teaser trailer
ScaryGirl debut trailer
Soul Caliber V Ivy Gameplay

Across the networks

25 Movies to watch in 2012
Akira just does not want to go away
First look at the Bourne Legacy
These are the TV’s I want from CES 
Get your grunge on with Guitar Apprentice and an iPad 

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Last Updated: January 9, 2012

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