In Other News – 09 July 2013

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Yulianna Lukasheva

So ION is slightly late today. But for a good cause. And not because of that incident where I had to go to court because I blew up a bus filled with penguins. To be fair, it was all in self-defense though. That, and I confused the penguins for nuns.

In Other News: Injustice heads to other platforms, Ninja Theory is hiring, Splinter Cell Blacklist will be kind of free and The Lone Ranger just cost Disney a ton of cash.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy reshuffling our cabinets.


Guncraft getting Twitch integration from July 11 launch
Giant Bomb’s Ryan Davis passes away at 34
Splinter Cell Blacklist coming free with a range of Nvidia Geforce cards
Microsoft Japan – Launching Xbox One as is would be difficult
Miyamoto on why Nintendo is slow to create new characters
Ninja Theory hiring for a triple A game
Bungie co-founder takes credit and blame for Halo’s pistol
Injustice GOTY Edition listed for PC and Vita


Automatic NERF sentry gun is just about the cololest thing ever
Ps4 vs Xbox One – Console Wars The Musical
How to save your save games
The real Princess Mononoke and other dreamy pieces of art


Mega64 – The first of the last of us
Halo 4 – Champions bundle trailer
Lords of Football – Super training trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Doctor What? How Michael Jackson almost became Doctor Who
The Boston Marathon Bombing, coming soon to a theatre near you
Dev Patel might be slumming it up for Chappie
Cinophile – Re-animator
David Hayter is taking up The Sword
The Lone Ranger is costing Disney some big bucks
It’s time to play in this first trailer for Curse of Chucky
Kristen Bell is a 29 year old adult who needs to grow up in this trailer for The Lifeguard
Director James Mangold talks at length about his approach to The Wolverine

Model: Yulianna Lukasheva

Last Updated: July 9, 2013

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