In Other News – 10 April 2012

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I don’t know about you guys, but this Easter weekend has left me perilously stuffed. My pants have suffered accordingly, resulting in me naming them all “Dom”, so that I have something dramatic to shout out whenever they break.

How about you guys, did you have a great and productive Easter Weekend break?

In Other News: We pay our respects to a pioneer in gaming consoles, Stephen Fry thinks that Electronic Arts are still awesome and we lunge around on a Sega sofa.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were all tripping from a sugar-overload from all those chocolate Easter eggs.


Is SSX getting some retro costumes
Aliens DNA can be found in Borderlands 2
Video Games are art, says the Smithsonian
Lollipop Chainsaw will have a must-see ending
Commodore 64 founder Jack Tramriel dies, age 83
Blood, language and violence detailed for Starhawk
Take a nap on the Sega Master…Sofa?
It’s OK EA, Stephen Fry thinks you’re doing a great job


Top five upcoming RPGs that no one remembers
Is Dark Souls a 100 hour waste of time?
Top ten games that are cool to watch, but not fun to play
Should all new games come with a demo?


Defiance – Combat Trailer
Ravaged – Teaser Trailer
Anomaly Warzone Earth – Perfect Controller Trailer

Across the Networks

Jaws prepares to munch its way onto Blu-Ray
Simon Pegg has a fantastic fear of everything
Tuesday Box Office Report – The Hunger Games remains triumphant, beats the greatest American Reunion
Iron Man 3 finds it’s villain
Director Gary Ross not returning for a Hunger Games sequel?
X-Men First Class sequel to begin shooting in January 2013, working around Jennifer Lawrence’ Hunger Games schedule
The Dark Knight Rises to a PG13 rating, Gary Oldman is paranoid about the script
The new trailer for Oliver Stones’ Savages is out of control
Can you influence your dreams?
The largest Rube Goldberg machine in the world has just set a new record
Iran seeks to replace the Internet by August this year
Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion

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Last Updated: April 10, 2012

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