In Other News – 10 January 2012

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As you may have gathered, today is a sad day for all of us. Nick is leaving the glamorous world of video game journalism for a little something called “the real life”, ready to take his skills with his DesignWave studio to the next level.

We’re all bummed by this news, but at least we know he’ll still be around to harass Gran Turismo fans and further his Xbox superiority agenda in the comments, as not being on the team anymore means that he can finally lose the objective reporting stance.

But seriously, we’re all going to miss you man, and it was a pleasure working with you and being taught the fine art of witty header captions. In the immortal words of Sean Connery, “Godshpeed Nick”.

In Other News: Be the king of rednecks in a trailer park, what developers learnt while working on Prototype 2 and the legend of board games.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because we were too busy sobbing in a manly way after saying goodbye to Nick.


Say Hi to the next Playstation certified phone
Is an LA Noire TV adaptation in the works?
Massive ebook scam rips off game guide authors
What Prototype 2 taught it’s design director
Amy gets her PSN price drop
Kingdoms of Amalur PC specs detailed
Trailer Park King 2 is now available
Expect to see a Mass Effect 3 demo before the game launches


The legend of the Legend of Zelda board games
How does American Nightmare tie into the Alan Wake mythos?
The gender gap: So your significant other doesn’t like video games
Is the CIA funding video game propaganda?


Grand Slam Tennis 2 demo trailer
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Triple Impact Trailer
SSX Travis Rice trailer

Across the networks

Police academy remake on the way, helmed by first time director Scott Zabielski
Texan actress Junie Hoang sues IMDB over age revelations
Could ATM be the worst thriller of the year?
Thor 2 news on filming, director and Loki appearances
Politically incorrect laughs with the Dictator trailer
Rurouni Kenshin trailer is out, I almost lose my fanboy mind

Intel caught staging a live demonstration with pre-recorded footage

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Last Updated: January 10, 2012

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