In Other News – 11 January Homegrown Hotties Edition

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Cee Bailey (3)

I’m in a damn good mood. Now, while I love my gaming as much as the next obsessed person, I love reading just as much on an equal scale. True, I love reading non-fiction strangely, and I absolutely adore those books wit da purdy pictures inside of ‘em, but it’s reading nonetheless.

Which is why I’m particularly happy to have my Diablo 3 Book of Cain to peruse tonight. And while I’m huffing that new book smell, you can have a peek at our homegrown hottie of the week, Cee Bailey, courtesy of LW Mag.

Cee is a Cape Town native who happens to be naughtier than she is nice, an extreme sports fan, and has a guilty pleasure for Ice cream. Sounds like an awesome lady so far. Read more of her over here.

In Other News: Ezio proves to be effective in a new genre, a spooky little town gets delayed and some imposters in Gotham City achieve something.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because we were too busy fortifying the office for the imminent zombie honeybee apocalypse.


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Across the Networks

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 Model: Cee Bailey

Last Updated: January 11, 2012

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