In Other News – 11 June 2015

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Jazz Jackrabbit ION

It’s E3 next week, but I wouldn’t blame you for thinking it had already started. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is getting their trailers out of the gates early in a bid to avoid leaks. I hope that means we’ll see a lot more games in action during the dreaded press conference gauntlet – rather than just a re-run of videos we’ve seen. That, and I really hope Darryn doesn’t find a box of spiders to send me in my sleep.

With E3 around the corner, I’ve been thinking about some of the internet familiar faces I’d love to run into at the event. Cliff Bleszinski comes to mind all the time. Wanting to make games one day myself, CliffyB is a huge inspiration to me – despite his sometimes outlandish views on the industry. It all started with Jazz Jackrabbit though, so that’s what we have for you to get all nostalgic about today.

In Other News: Mirror’s Edge might be getting some gadgets, Angry Birds copies Candy Crush, Reddit is an absolute mess and even more E3 trailers!

Here’s the news we didn’t post today, because we were all too distraught by Sir Christopher Lee’s passing. Rest in peace you kickass metal wizard.


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst art is ultra pretty and, wait, is that a grappling hook?
Darksiders Still An ‘Active Project,’ More Games Under Consideration
Angry Birds Fight! Available Globally Now
Transistor now available on iOS
Former Employee Sues Bandai, Alleges Racism


Ouya selling to Razer, says report
One year later, mobile puzzle game Threes is going free
If this is the beginning of the end of Reddit, then Reddit deserves to die
Koji Igarashi’s Castlevania revival is Kickstarter’s most funded video game


Blood Bowl 2 Release Date Revealed

Everybody’s Gone To Rapture Release Date

SOMA E3 Trailer

The Movies

Sir Christopher Lee has passed away
Ben Foster is Lance Armstrong in this first international trailer for THE PROGRAM
Meet the family in these new images for KUNG-FU PANDA 3
This chilling trailer for REGRESSION is a part of something bigger
Bradley Cooper and co to adapt Dan Simmons’ HYPERION for SyFy

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