In Other News – 12 April 2012

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Jessica Vaughn

In case you didn’t notice, tomorrow happens to be Friday the 13th. And due to my criminal background, I happen to be a cowardly and superstitious person, so I’ve taken numerous preventative measures in order to ensure that I have maximum luck when working tomorrow.

I’ve got a necklace of freshly hacked off rabbits feet around my neck, I’ve destroyed all ladders around me, and I’ve captured a leprechaun. And I’m not falling for his wily ways either! Vertically challenged birthday performer for children my ass!

In Other News: Razer goes all charitable, Star Trek pulls a Michael Baysplosion and it will now cost you to shout Fus Ro Dah.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were too busy trying to avoid pun-seeking bullets. Clever wordplay just isn’t appreciated anymore.


Suda 51 teases something new for the Killer Is Dead story
Sony won’t let us run Mass Effect multiplayer challenges on PS3, says Bioware
Razer to help and sponsor gaming in Malaysia
Star Trek video game will have a unique storyline and lots of explosions
The Legend of Grimrock is now available
Why DmC will not have a multiplayer mode
Fus Ro Dah is now a legally registered trademark
Halo 4 finds its composer


Cosplayer booted from convention highlights the hypocrisy of the industry
Five features that the PS4 should and should not have
Top ten gaming headsets
If every video game boss was a pokemon


Far Cry 3 – Hit points multiplayer trailer
Halo 4 – Composing worlds developer diary
Game of Thrones – RPG trailer

Across the Networks

Take a bloody bite out of these new images for Piranha 3DD
Mel Gibsons’ Jewish Braveheart gets put on hiatus
Johnny 5 is alive in the planned remake for Short Circuit
Early buzz from The Avengers premiere says that the movie is great, the Hulk is incredible and the 3D is meh
Will Ferrell counts to Three Mississippi
We review the Hunger Games – A faithful treat for fans with enough bite for newcomers
13 new Skyfall images to feast your secret agent eyes on!
First proper hi-res image of Anne Hathaways’ catwoman shows her dressed to kill…with a gun!
The Nintendo Coffee Table is a retro blast from the past
This just might be the most beautiful case mod that I have ever seen
Meet Robo-Boat, the seaside patrol unit of the future
Biometric ATMs will read your hands, not your bank cards

Model: Jessica Vaughn

Last Updated: April 12, 2012

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