In Other News – 12 August 2011 Weekend Edition

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Brooklyn Decker picture in Sports Illustrated 2010 Swimsuit Photoshoot (3)

So yesterday I earned back a little respect from the boob-hungry community of gamers who frequent this site, with yesterdays ION. Now the pics may have been supplied to me, but I still went through all of them diligently, to find the best one to use for the post. You guys just don’t realise how difficult it is to stare at pics of almost naked ladies all day, but it’s something that we here at Lazygamer will do, biting the bullet so to speak.

So sit back, relax, and play some games, you hard working nine-to-fivers, you’ve earned it.

In Other News: We went to Mexico and back with some reviews, cut some rope in the process and pondered about the future of gaming in a physical medium over digital distribution channels.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because I was too busy packing my bags for Gamescom. Now if only I could make some space for my spare batsuit…

This week on Lazygamer
Flamebait Friday debate: Call of Duty versus Battlefield
Call of Juarez review – Once upon a time in Mexico
Is a new Syndicate game on the way?
Sony vows to replace the stolen PSP of a UK riot victim
Another Awesome Evo short film
She’s the best!
Is Apple going to kill the next generation of consoles
Cut the rope: Experiments review
Bodycount preview

Rugby World Cup Xbox bundle announced
Final Fantasy Type-0 hacked
Hideo Kojima provides a sneak peek at the camouflage system for Metal Gear 3DS
No one man army perk for Modern Warfare 3
Is Ninja Gaiden in Development for the PS Vita
Don’t expect a 3DS Lite anytime soon
Physical game sales saw a steep decline last year
Bioware wants to bring Dragon Age to Google+

Get a hitchhikers guide to the galaxy on your iPad
10 Great indie games for any Steam collection
Could a one-console only future work?
5 Horribly underrated games
Why game developers will never form a union
What do the London riots mean for Sony?

Rage – Making of Sound and Art
WarHammer 40 000: Space Marine – Developer diary
Spiderman: Edge of time – Behind the scenes with Stan Lee
Grand Slam Tennis 2 debut trailer
Sniper Elite V2 KillCam debut

Model: Brooklyn Decker

Last Updated: August 12, 2011

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