In Other News – 12 December 2014

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Most of you have most likely buggered off by now for a well-earned vacation. But not Lazygamer. We’re still here for another week at least. With the trusty Zoe by my side and the dynamic Porra duo of Sandy and Martha, we’ll still be delivering news, come rain or shine…Oh wait, they’ve also all scarpered off for the year. Bastards.

In Other News: Tropico 5 takes to the seas, Call Of Duty shows off gun porn, the importance of being earnest in Gravity Rush 2 development and Final Fantasy VII is going to cost quite a few Gils.

Here’s the news we didn’t post today, because I was too busy having a case of the Decembers.


Tropico 5 takes to the seas in new Waterborne expansion
Flight Simulator X cleared for landing on Steam next week
EA Sports UFC to join EA Access roster next week
Microsoft opens its coffers to crypto-currency BitCoin
Final Fantasy VII on PS4 will cost more than the recent PC Port
Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC video shows weapons
Gravity Rush 2 in earnest development
Tomb Raider live-action mini-series planned


The fall of THQ
If only Michael Bay’s Transformers had looked like this
DriveClub Revisited: Is dynamic weather a game-changer?
Halo is getting remade on PC and it still looks pretty


Evolve – The Evolution of Evolve part 4
#iDARB – Debut trailer
Fortnite – The art of monsters: The Husk

What’s on at The Movies

This red band trailer for R100 is all about pain and pleasure
Sony hack raises SPECTRE of budgetary concerns
Jonathan Frakes wants to direct Star Trek 3
Star Wars: The Force Awakens character names revealed
Movies Out Today – One last journey to Middle-Earth
Rumour – Sony’s Marvel and Spider-Man deal still on the table
And your 2015 Golden Globe nominees are…

Model: Tawny Swain

Last Updated: December 12, 2014

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