In Other News – 13 January 2012

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Promiscuous teenagers and machete shenanigans aside, its been a pretty decent Friday the 13th so far. With that said, we’re all pretty burnt out creativley after a week of hard posting, and can’t wait to get some gaming done over the weekend.

Personally, I’m going to hit the shops and try and find a new low budget game to add to my library, and spend the weekend enjoying as well. And maybe I’ll finally get around to watching a certain movie that my fellow film buffs have been berating me for not seeing yet…

In Other News: Give a guy 5 million so that he can finish creating a game, the tiniest Isaac Clarke ever seen and Nvidia joins gamers globally for a noble fight.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because we were too busy shopping for Hockey masks and machete sharpening kits today.

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So long and thanks for all the fish
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Get ready to fight with Sodium Overload


This guy wants you to pay 5 million him to help finance his game
THQ wants fans to help with improving the crowds in the next WWE game
Analysts predict Gaikai to dominate cloud gaming
The achievements of Binary Domain
MadCatz shows off new fight-sticks at CES 2012
Ninja Gaiden Collectors Edition revealed
Nvidia joins the fight against SOPA
Would you pay $275 for a tiny Isaac Clarke


Mass Effect 3 won’t be all shooting giant robots in the face
Halo 4: The right to remain apprehensive
There was a Dreamcast TV Set once and it was both hideous and glorious
Die Fanboy DIE
An ode to the cheat code


The Secret World – Illuminati trailer
Lollipop Chainsaw – Swan Vignette
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City – Multiplayer Gameplay

Across the Networks

New image of the AMazing Spider-Man unmasked
Movies out today – Bad cops, bad financiers, bad cults and bad weepies
Wes Anderson and his new movie, Moonrise Kingdom
Steven Spielberg (doesn’t) talk(s) about the Tintin sequels, Lincoln, robopocalypse and Jurassic Park 4
Ethan Hawke to star in low budget Sci-Fi film "Vigilandia"
Magic Mike making more sense
Turn your playing cards into infinite toys

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Last Updated: January 13, 2012

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