In Other News – 18 December 2014

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One week left till Christmas! We are pretty much done here at Lazygamer – tomorrow will be news free, filled to the brim with our award posts instead. I’ve got my tux ready, my hair maintained, and my teeth brushed. I’ll be presenting a few of those highly coveted statues myself! I’m having a huge after party on my paid-for-review yacht… er… at my place! See you there at the harbour!

Tomorrow also marks the last day of my internship. Honestly, I’ve had such a blast – I can’t believe 6 months has past already! I’d like to thank Gavin, Geoff, Zoe, Darryn, and Sandy for being such a rad team to work with <3

You readers have been awesome too, keeping the trolling down to the point that I don’t want to jump out of the nearest building, but high enough to keep my day permanently entertaining. Religious beliefs and whatnot aside, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy your time off!

In Other News: People are going to Smite the Xbox One, more war lands in Rome, sombody build a replica Star Wars lightsaber, and a freaking lightsaber duel on a rooftop!

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were too busy shopping Christmas cheer/gloom into all of our headers!


Natural Selection 2 dev’s ‘Subnautica’ dives into Steam Early Access
Hollow Knight has about a day left to hit some stretch goals
Report: Nintendo eyeing shape-shifting LCD screens from Sharp
Smite To Be Playable On Xbox One At World Championships
Total War: Rome 2’s Wrath of Sparta campaign released


Someone Built A Replica Of The Weird New Star Wars Lightsaber
Pac-Man themed restaurant coming to Chicago
Pulp Noir Nintendo Novel Artist Returns With Samus From Metroid
New Steam Controller mockup appears in latest client beta


A Bonkers GTA V Skydiving Stunt

This home’s amazing Star Wars Christmas light show features a rooftop lightsaber duel

Dota 2 WTF Moments 88

What’s on at The Movies?

This new trailer for BLACKHAT has no fingerprints, no trace and no mercy
Sony cancels release of THE INTERVIEW after 9/11-like hacker threats
Ho ho ho! It’s a bunch of new images and a trailer for DOCTOR WHO: LAST CHRISTMAS
Orlando Bloom talks of a potential return and a soft reboot in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5
STAR TREK 3 Struggling With Directors and New Direction


Oh alright, here you go… my last present for both ladies and guys!

Sexy-Santa male

sexy santa lady

Models: I honestly have no clue. Santa’s sexy helpers I guess?

Last Updated: December 18, 2014

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