In Other News – 18 January 2012

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Congratulations, to those of you clever enough to realise that mousing over this text means that you can read it. But think of it as a taste of the ingenuity that will be needed should SOPA and PIPA ever be passed, because…

Oh who am I kidding, you’re just ogling that face above my text. Links below, you easily-distracted readers you.

In Other News: Find out which actor a certain future video game hero is based on, what happened to the Battlefield 3 hacker and the educational merits of Minecraft.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because we crashed our vehicles after having symbolically painted our windows black in protest.


Major League Gaming CEO speaks out against SOPA and PIPA
Square Enix wants to keep Final Fantasy X close to home
"The last of us" character Joel is based on Josh Brolin
Metal Gear Rising to be playable at E3
Hacker becomes Battlelog moderator
Star Trek Online free to play launches today
The original Syndicate is coming to GOG on January 19
How to teach history and lots more with Minecraft


Should Valve make Portal 3
Ten video game foods that we want to eat
These are the forty most powerful people in the gaming industry today
What Max Payne 3 and its delay means for GTA V


Snipe Elite – Organ Piercing trailer
SSX – Online features trailer
Syndicate – Western Europe co-op gameplay trailer

Across the Networks

Local heist film "31 million reasons" takes in R320 000 on its opening weekend
Polish your monocles, the BAFTA nominations are here
Gossip Girl actor Aaron Tveit joins the cast of Les Miserables
George Lucas is throwing in the flannel towel
"Play it again Sam, with the directors commentary this time" – Casablanca gets a special 70th anniversary Blu ray dvd
Renowned author Cormac McCarthy has written a script
Tommy Lee Jones signs up for Emperor, will play General Douglas MacArthur
Wikipedia and other websites are down, and the MPAA is not happy about it
The next Alienware PC is cunningly disguised as a console
In the future, you will fly overseas in a giant stealth bomber
This watch will cost you $1.65 million

Last Updated: January 18, 2012

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