In Other News – 18 June 2013

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Barbara Palvin

We’re back baby! After a week in LA, and probably a lot longer in the air, your faithful Lazygamer peons have completed the holy trip to the stapled SPERTS center area. We saw a ton, played more and got yelled at by security for having accents. And trying to steal a few next-gen consoles. Bah, they have no sense of humour over there, I tells ya.

In Other News: The Cave heads to iOS, Australian game development has been choppered in half mate, Riddick survives and The Last of Us is arty.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we had left our laptop chargers in our bags. Which were still in New York City apparently. We’re not joking.


Ron Gilbert’s The Cave is heading to iOS
Crytek dips its beautiful toes into waters with The Collect
Australian development population has more than halved
Surgeon Simulator 2013 adds support for Oculus Rift, Razer Hydra
Oculus Rift brings in $16 million in funding
Assassin’s Creed IV contains hidden link to another Ubisoft game
Call of Duty Ghosts might not hit Wii U
Witcher studio expands, planning two new games


The apocalyptic art of The Last of Us
So who wants Kingdom Hearts 3 more than Final Fantasy XV
Video game beards and hair are more interesting than you think
The making of Bioforge


Pyramus – Launch trailer
MotoGP 13 – Qatar gameplay trailer
Back in black – Future technology

What’s on at The Movies

Check out a new international trailer and poster for Riddick
Prometheus 2 is a go, but not with the people that you expected
Cinophile – Deathstalker
Meet Hollywood’s fixer in this first trailer for Ray Donovan
Tuesday Box Office Report – Man of Steal
Looks like there can be only none as Ryan Reynolds drops out of the Highlander reboot
Steve Coogan is siege face in this trailer for Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa
This trailer for The Wol of Wall Street will have you pounding your chest

Model: Barbara Palvin

Last Updated: June 18, 2013

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