In Other News – 18 June 2015

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E3 is nearly over, sadly. It’s been great, providing us with all the news of gaming experiences we can look forward to. Among all the new titles, I think the one I am most excited for is Final Fantasy VII. Sorry, I am a big fan, and it’s something I really can’t wait to see!

As happy as I am that it is getting a remake, a part of me continues to despise Square Enix for completely ignoring one of the other greats, Final Fantasy VI. Other titles, like Final Fantasy I and IV, have seen remakes over and over again, while the vastly superior VI remains oddly unloved.

Why am I so bitter that it isn’t getting any proper attention? Well, it originally released in 1994, but I only played it much later, in 2009 or so. Even 15 years after the original release, I was taken by it.


I loved the game from beginning to end! It kept me up till the early hours of the morning and multiple occasions. I was genuinely gobsmacked that a game from the SNES era was that immersive, that long, and that good. Everything about it, the characters, the battles, and the story, was simply top notch.

Come on Square, let me face the evil Kefka once more! He is by far my favourite Final Fantasy antagonist, making the others look like nothing more than harmless kittens with large swords which are overcompensating for… something.


In Other News: Nintendo talks about stuff, a boss has OVER 9000 hit points, The Witcher gets some new DLC, and lots of other E3 stuff.

Here’s the news we didn’t (and did) post today, because we were getting our bodies ready for the new Dota 2 Reborn beta! Wait, that just me…


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Nintendo’s Fils-Aime: Current state of VR isn’t fun
This week’s Witcher 3 DLC includes a new quest and alternate Triss

Our latest E3 Stuff

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Dota 2 Reborn – The Beta Begins (Video Preview)

Punch-Out!! – Did You Know Gaming?

Spinning Water Galaxies – Interesting fluid physics – The Slow Mo Guys

What’s on @ the Movies?

Eli Roth to direct giant prehistoric shark movie MEG
Watch the full trailer for Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig’s Lifetime spoof A DEADLY ADOPTION
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Michael Myers will be back in HALLOWEEN RETURNS
And the new betting favourite to be the next James Bond is…
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Model: Final Fantasy VI


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