In Other News – 20 January 2012 Weekend Edition

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Michelle Williams

Man, what a crazy week it has been. We’ve covered all the usual craziness in the gaming world, and cannot wait for the weekend. I’ve finally cleared my current backlog of games, with Infamous 2 being the final title that I played, so I’ll be looking for something else to blister my thumbs with this weekend, at least until February declares war on my bank account.

In Other News: UFC sets a date to punch our faces in, Lara Croft reveals a few new details and four reasons why we’ll never see an HD remake of Final Fantasy 7.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were too busy trying to get that hammer removed from my face.

This week on Lazygamer

Dawn of Fantasy Review – Rigor MMOrtis
FFD: Do we want a new console generation this year?
Resident Evil 6 confirmed and it looks awesome
Diablo 3 Book of Cain Review – Stay a while and listen
Flux Family Secrets of the ripple Review – Get fluxed
Anno 2070 Review – Future Tycoon
Awakening The Dreamless Castle Review – Wake me up when its over


UFC Undisputed 3 demo date revealed
The 99 achievements of the Devil May Cry HD Collection
New story and single-player details revealed for Kid Icarus: Uprising
Tara Strong says that playing Harley Quinn in Arkham City was "Terrifying"
Mortal Kombat on the PS Vita will run at 60 FPS
Is Blizzard prepping a Transformers MMO?
New Tomb Raider details
Aion is changing the reward system for veterans


Trends of 2012 – What the analysts say
SOPA/PIPA – What they can learn from us
Four reasons why you’ll never see a Final Fantasy 7 HD Remake
DIY Assassins Creed Armblades sure look scary


Fallout New Vegas – Ultimate Edition trailer
Star Wars The Old Republic – New upcoming features developers diary
Ghost Recon Online – Becoming an elite ghost

Across the Networks

Project X gets a new trailer and a poster
Judge Dredd Creator John Wagner talks about the new film
Actress Joey King reveals potentially huge Dark Knight Rises spoiler
The first Sci-Fi that was actually filmed in space, and NASA censored it
Keanu Reeves discusses film-making, whoa
Joseph Kosinksis Oblivion gets a cast and loses its name
Movies opening today: Pistol packing preachers, deranged surgeons, vampire babes and zoo animals
One for the money trailer
New trailer for Resident Evil debuts: Zombies, cocktail dresses and cheese

The most beautiful coloured dots that you will ever see, thanks to SCIENCE!
Fujitsu lifebook concept takes over your digital world
The Starbucks that was built out of shipping containers
How to stop train-surfers, courtesy of Indonesia and some giant balls
Megaupload gets mega-indicted

Model: Michelle Williams

Last Updated: January 20, 2012

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