In Other News – 21 November 2012

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I may have been playing too much Hitman lately. While not perfect, I still like the idea of disguises. Which is why right now, I’m stalking yet another lady, by wearing a cat costume and blending in with a gang of cats. Nothing to see here, just go along your business…

In Other News: What’s the deal with premium priced consoles, Zynga gets a new chief, Jetpack Joyride arrives on PSN, Jack slays a giant, romance and gaming, Hawken gets chunky and we celebrate Mechsgiving.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was too busy fitting a Skype camera to a sex doll for a party. Long story. (That’s what she said!)


Mechwarrior Online gets a Mechsgiving update
Seventh Dragon getting another sequel – On PSP
Jetpack Joyride lands on PSN
Tolkien’s estate very unhappy about some of the Lord of the Rings games
Six new Curiosity features incoming says Molyneux
Hawken – Detailed new screens show off chunky mech combat
Wii U profitable after one game purchase
Zynga names new chief creative officer


Halo 4 was at least shaped in part by one of the world’s greatest concept artists
Batman Arkham City – Better with Wii U?
Are game consoles still worth your money?
Would you play a game about romance?


Dead Island Riptide – No room in hell music video
Rise of the Guardians: The video game – Launch trailer
Family Guy back to the multiverse – Launch trailer
Borderlands 2 – Mr Torgues campaign of carnage DLC trailer

Across the Network

Guilty Pleasures – A Knight’s Tale
There will be a Paranormal Activity 5 for 2013
Are you ready for another Sherlock Holmes film?
You don’t know Jack in this first trailer for Jack the Giant Slayer
Star Wars sequel update – Writer/Producer for X-men on for new films
Midweek Mouth Off – Festive film season is coming
Evil Dead makes a bold claim with it’s first official poster
Iron Sky makers next film will put them in Harm’s way

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Last Updated: November 21, 2012

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