In Other News – 21 October 2014

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I love me some peri-peri Chicken – and the hotter the better.  Here in South Africa (and increasingly abroad) there’s one name that’s synonymous with the stuff: Nando’s.

I’ll be frank though. I think Nando’s is a little overrated. Their prices have shot up while the quality of their chicken has shot right down. It’s forced me to explore other avenue for my fix of chilli-basted chicken – and thankfully there are quite a few options. When I’m looking for great peri peri chicken, there are three spots that grab me by the plums – and one of them is quite literally within walking distance. That one would be the family-run, always busy and flippin fantastic  O Peri Peri, in Edenglen. They have marinated chilli-basted chickens, they’re great value for money too.

When I’m feeling a tad more adventurous though, I head off to dodgier parts of town, and grab my chicken from one of Joburg’s oldest; the kitsch and campy, yet gloriously unfussy Flamingo restaurant at the Troyeville hotel. Yes, it may not be in the most savoury part of town, but their chicken makes the trip worth it. The other one – and this is one of my favourite places to eat – is the equally unassuming Adega do Monge (the original and best – not related to those other awful places called Adega) in Johannesburg’s Kensington. I tend to have a poultry overload there; because there’s no way I can go and resist their codorniz frita; irresistible fried quail.

And now I’m hungry.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because NO SHANGE ONLY SHAPPIES.

In Other news: Human Resources is out of resources, Games for Windows prepares to die edition, learnt o code with the good doctor and it’s time to go back to being alone in the dark.


Human Resources Kickstarter cancelled
Evolution apologises for DriveClub PlayStation Plus edition delay
Dark Souls on PC finally gives GFWL the flick
Halo 2 documentary coming soon
Spelunky creator is writing a book about the development of the game
New Doctor Who game teaches kids to code
Konami takes aim at ultimate team with PES 2015
Galactic Civilization 3 gets diplomatic in Beta 2


Digital Foundry – Hands on with Advanced Warfare
We need a hammier version of Dark Souls
Rebel Galaxy, the new game from the men behind Torchlight and Diablo
33 years later, new Donkey Kong secrets are being found


Dark Ulule – Campaign trailer
A City Sleeps – Launch trailer
Harold – Debut trailer

What’s on at The Movies

You’ll want to scream when you hear about Scream Queens
David Ayer says Suicide Squad is the Dirty Dozen with supervillains
This trailer for The Scorpion King 4 is here to holy hell they made another one of these movies?
Disney’s next big animated film will be Moana
The sentence is death in this first look at Judge Dredd: Superfiend
This new trailer for Unbroken can take it and it can make it
Jason Momoa (finally) talks Aquaman

Last Updated: October 21, 2014

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