In Other News – 22 July 2013

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It’s been a tense day. A day of waiting. Will it finally arrive? People need to know dammit! I order royalty, and my Burger King has yet to pitch up!

In Other News: Comic Con dominates, the best of EVO, Oculus starts a rift, Castlevania explores and the Nvidia Shield gets a date.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy practicing our Lion King  NANTS INGONYAMA BAGITHI BABA for when the royal baby is born.


Saints Row 4 DLC Enter the Dominatrix due after launch
Dragonball Z Battle of Z screenshots show classic battles
XBLA action packed bundle out now
Nvidia Shield gets new confirmed release date
New Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 gameplay emphasizes exploration
Oculus Rift planned for PC and Mobile, console not a focus
Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers is coming to North America
Clementine will be a part of The Walking Dead season 2


Nintendo advert shows the difference between USA and Japan
The best moments of EVO 2013
Game programmer quits job to sell street food, doubles income
Video games: Are they really a source of addiction?


Soul Calibur II HD Online – Debut trailer
The Burea: XCOM Declassified – Agent Ennis: The Choice
The science of games – Artificial Intelligence

What’s on at The Movies

Comic Con – Guardians of the Galaxy footage screened, characters revealed
Description of first footage screened at Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Loki gathers an army for the Comic Con panel of Thor: The Dark World
X-Men Days of Future Past and Wolverine footage shown at Comic Con
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Comic Con panel was all about the villains
Robocop is actually starting to sound decent
Monday Box Office Report
Ther Avengers 2 full title and villain revealed at Comic Con
It’s on! The Man of Steel sequel will see a dark knight return

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Last Updated: July 22, 2013

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