In Other News – 23 January 2012

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Sara Jean Underwood

Well, we’re back for another week of gaming and news, and you can bet that a feature or two is tucked away as well, waiting for publication. We hope you guys had a great weekend, and are ready for the week ahead.

In Other News: Why Will.I.Am loves the Super Mario games, new accessories inbound for the PS Vita and how Resident Evil Revelations almost made clouds scary.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because we were too busy predicting the next trend in romantic horror movie monsters. And we were unfortunately correct this time.


GTA 3 and Vice City are headed to the PS3
Left 4 Dead 2 brings update brings death toll changes
PS Vita gets a few new grippy accessories
DOTA 2 Update fixes Invoker issues
11 Year old whizz kid builds IOS games for charity
Resident Evil Revelations was originally going to take place in a floating mansion
PSP Games are coming to playstation certified devices
Would you pay $134 for Mass Effect 3 DLC?
Will.I.Am credits his music to Super Mario


The five weirdest trophies and achievements
The ten best multiplayer maps of all time
How Diablo saved the computer RPG
Assassins Creed Revelations: Easter Egg Hunt


UFC Undisputed 3 – Tito Ortiz Interview trailer
Mass Effect 3 – James Vega feature
Project Cars – January Community Trailer

Across the Networks

American Pie Reunion – An American Pie that I want to watch again
We review Machine Gun Preacher – Complex Man, Simplistic Film
The 2012 Razzies will be held on April Fools day
Jan de Bont to helm remake of Five Minutes to live
Tracy Morgan collapses at Sundance 2012, rushed to hospital
Twilight Breaking Dawn rakes in over $700 million
Want to know why Apple doesn’t make the iPhone in America?
Care for a glass of Space Wine?
Google axes three more services from its servers
When Europe designs Stealth drones from comic books
Filesonic has committed digital suicide, what’s to become of other hosting services?

Model: Sara Jean Underwood

Last Updated: January 23, 2012

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